Why You Should Not Skip Lima, Peru

Many people say SKIP it! I say DON’T

Well by now I have figured I really read a lot and do a lot of research but this does not mean I follow ALL suggestions. It is not safe! It is is dirty! It is not work it! Its shit! These are phrases used to describe Lima. So upon arrival, I got into Lima and 2 hour later I was off to my little village in North of Peru.11102757_10152945426958580_7714863209550698742_n

Now it’s been a couple months and things have changed, what you read is based on different perceptions and views of people with that been said – DO NOT SKIP LIMA and here is why not.

1. The Plaza Mayor
This is the historical part of Lima, public vehicles are not allowed in this area. The Palacio de Gobierno, the presidential residence and in colonial times the location of Francisco Pizarros house is located on the North side. On the east side you find flanked by the Archbishops Palace the Cathedral of Lima. The Palacio Municipal is located on the west side of Plaza Mayor. All these buildings are ancient and architecturally appealing. If you do go at an odd hour like 10 – 11 there are less people on weekdays, you can seat on the seats, go online, have a coffee, think and just let life move on slowly.DSCN0955WP_20150425_036Literally all the restaurants there have special menus with both international and local dishes and most serve a free a pisco sour for every meal.11008593_10155637248535456_3908735848577648077_n.jpg

2. Miraflores
This part of Lima feels like a different country within Peru, it is like a city of parks and beautiful gardens. While in Miraflores the Malencon allows for you to jog, walk, cycle or just stroll this beautiful district. The parks that were key and I loved included Parque Kennedy – it’s a cat park, literally. You will find all types of cats hanging out all year long. They are friendly and if you spend more time you can even get a cat cuddling with you as if it were yours. I do not like cats. I actually have nightmares with cats but I actually had a good time at this park.IMAG0359IMAG0354

While here do not miss the Pizza street near Kennedy Park for pizza and beer. 11018127_10152945427143580_2935766388786553026_n.jpgAnd if you are looking for a typical high end shopping experience head to Larcomar.IMAG0351

3. The Beach
In the months of summer (December to March) you can take advantage in taking a bath or practice your surfing on the medium waves.

4. The Love Park
This was my highlight in Lima – Parque Del Amor – Love Park, here you will find young, old Peruvians totally in love cuddling and kissing at this park. There is large statue “El Beso” (The Kiss) from Victor Delfín. It shows two lovers united in an intimate kiss. You have great view of the sea and paragliders. We did lie on the beautiful grass and had a lovely nap.WP_20150418_005.jpg

10956092_10152947360353580_6186946491813107434_n (1)5. The Food
Like most capitals, Lima allows for you to get acquainted with the local food. You get the chance to taste the ceviche, sip the pisco sour and dif into Lomo Saltado. Its at this point where your taste buds decide what they like and what they can’t stand before you proceed into venturing different parts of the country.

6. Barranco
It is located on a big ravine, in front of the sea, has sand beaches that comprise of the Costa Verde and are very popular in summer, besides a boatyard and marina. It has numerous houses of Colonial construction, beautiful squares, gentle place of poets and artists, site of encounter for bohemians.During the day the pace of life is gentler here than in the rest of the city, but at night, this is a place for dancing and drinking. Definitely worth a visit, this is a great place to relax over a chilled beer while you enjoy the sunset over Pacific

This being said there places where you should stay away and places you must visit. I understand people say Lima is dirty and safe due to the neighborhood near the Lima Airport. It’s definitely a shame that the area near the airport which is the 1st impression of a country depicts the worst of this city. If you get to Lima Airport and do not attempt to take public transport and just take that over priced taxi (Peruvian standards) and go to the historical city or Miraflores you will see a different light of Lima.

In a world with so much stereotyping and social norms, try something different something new and live life with a more open mind where you see the best in everything.

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