Why Travel Means the World to Me

I like to write about where I’ve been, what I liked and other aspects of the traveling experience. Today I take small step back and express the real reason why the urge to pack the backpack and get on the road is an unquenchable thirst.

Importance of Happiness
My mum makes a joke every time I come from a trip be it a weekend away kayaking or 2 months backpacking in South East Asia, she will always say “ my love, you are not suited for a life of hard work, gallivanting and enjoying the world makes you skin glow so bright.” I totally agree with her, but thank goodness I do enjoy my work so the in between travel days are not the worst J. When I am on the road the joy of new challenges, new experiences, newness of life bring out the best in me, My skin literally glows, my metabolism is at its best and even my brain feel lighter(if that’s possible) . I have now learned how to sum up this feeling with my Happy jump.


Being Grateful
The daily life of work, research for MBA, relationships, family more often than not cloud you from noticing how life is divine and full of joy all around. This why you got to get out from this daily life and get moving where every experience reminds you to be grateful for what you have and how lucky you are to have it. I once was told you will never realize how the grass is green right where you are until you have seen the other side. Travel allows for you to appreciate the warm smile you get from the “mama” outside who smiles every morning at you or the all year long perfect weather. My travel has made me appreciate my home much more.


Exploring Amazing Food
Before I chose to blog about my travel I was very keen to write about my love for food and the ever growing urge to experience different foods from all over. I 1st left Kenya when 1 was 18, never having had to eat spicy food; I knew life in Malaysia was going to be a drag. On day 3 of having fast food I ventured into the Malay local food and got hooked, from the I moved to South Indian food, Hunan Chinese, Thai cuisine.. by the time I moved to Yemenis and Mexican dishes I knew I was hooked.
The good thing with food is every time I eat food I fast tried while traveling, it’s like I am on a time travel and am right there having the dish again and reliving all the memories of that travel.


Life Relations
If I had a penny for life long friends I have made whilst on the road id be quite rich. I started my solo travel while I was 22 and after my mum came over the shock and realized how you are never alone. She realized it was the best thing that happened to me. I can’t say I was always the most confident and free spirit I am today, I had my teenage self esteem issues that would never let me walk up to strangers or even go to the mall alone. Now I travel solo and meet hundreds of friends who I get to meet at other destinations or they pass by Kenya or I pass by their countries. There is no better joy of reuniting with someone after an year or more, it feels like family, having a glass of wine and chatting the night away of the last experiences is always such a rush.

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New Life Skills
When you travel you get to leave you comfort zone and life forces you to tackle it from all corners. When traveling alone you have no one to deliberate on whether to splurge on a taxi or take the train or go all in for full culture experience and take the bus. It’s a constant repetition of decisions and decisions. Trying to use 2 Spanish words at bar at home is very different from trying to get directions back to your hostel or ordering food. Here you have no choice you could easily end up with monkey brains while you wanted a chicken drumstick.


These experiences of just learning to go with your gut feeling and relying only on your heart, they grown you as person and make you more confident and when you return home, it is evident of the abundance of well rounded persona l growth.


Pause! Breath! Live
Of all the common reasons why everyone should travel this is the most important. Travel allows you to take pause, breathe a little, let you hair down and just enjoy being away from the constant roller coaster that is life. At home you will be on you blackberry handling all the meeting with losing a social life, Facebook, twitter, instagram, it’s a constant bip bip every other minute, on the road .. you don’t even have to do so as everything else is so exciting that for this few hours/days/weeks/ months you want to absorb it all and not share with the whole world. This is why I have lived by Dalai Lama’s instruction for life.

To Travel is to Live

~ L~

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