Walking the North Sea

Happy People, I survived am still in Germany but nowhere close to Koln 🙂 So after my dramatic change in plans it was time to venture to a new side of Deutschland and what is better than taking the bus and heading out Hamburg. Hamburg is one of those cities that you have to love. It’s got character and charm. I did not spend much time here as I opted to go live with a family closer to the North Sea. So after the last week I really need some peace of mind and something really exciting. what is better than taking the train to Hamburg and exploring its Northern delights?IMG_1066

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and a paradise for shopping. I only chose to spend a few hours walking around the city centre before proceeding to a smaller town closer to the sea.

While there I stayed with a lovely family with 5 foster kids that made the house full of activity. On one of the chilly cold days we drove out to experience the North Sea and having come from tropical country beaches are sunny, sandy, hot water and palm trees. St Peter Ording beach was one of the places we explored. The air was crisp and what is normally a bustling beach venue was deserted and water mildly frozen and the air cold. It was an experience different from any other while on a beach.IMG_1062


At times pictures say more than 1,000 words and in this case my new experiences of the North Sea were cold but amazing.IMG_1054



IMG_1016As you get to towards the end of year be safe and be MERRY!!

Happy Holidays


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