Walking Safari – Crescent Island

Crescent Island is about 1 1/2 hours from Nairobi. Technically it is no longer an island but is more of a peninsula. It was once an Island but in 2000, the water levels reached a historical low point turning the Island in to a peninsula. It is currently privately owned my Linda a British Kenyan who has dedicated herself to providing home to zebras, impalas, giraffes, wildebeests, gazelles, waterbucks, antelopes, dik-diks, steenboks, buffaloes and several other types of animals.12140712_10156048884600456_8786499564261291680_nThe Island can be accessed by road or by boat. I have actually never been there by boat as I would not like to pass up the opportunity to take the boat see the hippos and and experience the feeding of the fish eagles. 12107119_10156048885505456_5080894306299540741_n12115868_10156048885270456_5589039118159786725_n12107066_10156048885780456_7167770590110187734_nAt the entrance of the island the vegetation is partly in water and partly floating, it always seems to make me think of a good horror or thriller setting.12108709_10156048886190456_6862185940444573409_n20151011_144736

The main thing that differentiates this conservancy to a regular safari is that the are no vehicles and all the exploring is done on foot. Before you freak out there are no cats meaning no animal wants to have you for lunch or dinner, even brunch for that matter. This is not to mean its a place to go pet all the animals there, it is all wild and the animals will allow you t get close up to a certain point where they will flee. 20151011_155501

12072737_10156048883730456_94904778365744540_n12122547_10156048883080456_5126012187606302060_nC360_2015-10-11-15-53-18-91212107106_10156048889990456_9039630181081214022_nThere are buffaloes on the island and if agitated the will charge at you and no need to write what will happen if that happens. As much as the animals seem harmless it is best to keep a reasonable distance from them. 12065482_10156048889285456_7880525472517756584_n

It is advisable to carry a packed lunch as this will allow you to spend as much time as you may wish. You will need to let the boat guy know how long you would like to spend there so he may pick you once you are done. It rains most of the time hence a rain jacket and waterproof bag for phones and cameras is also very advisable. 12074984_10156048886980456_573339945046176854_n12107890_10156048888115456_3138867612577340057_n12141568_10156048881685456_5051676955701024405_n

Tips and Costing

Non Residents  – US$ 30 per adult, US$ 20 per student with ID & US$ 15 for child below 12

Kenyan Residents   – KES 800 per adult,  & KES 400 for child below 12

Kenyan Citizens  – KES 600 per adult,  & KES 300 for child below 12

Boat Ride – KES 3,000 for return ride  – max 7 people

  • Best time to visit is morning or later afternoon – avoid hot hours of the day as the animals tend to hide
  • Carry a rain coat or umbrella even if it appears sunny – you never know
  • A guide is free take advantage of this and get one who will explain more about the place
  • This trip can be combined with Hell’s gate or climbing Mt. Longonot 12075098_10156048882525456_523373467775528328_n

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