Growing up I always associated travel with the rich. I would sit down on the lawn and say, ‘when I grow up I want to be rich so I can travel the world’. Fast forwarding to the older younger version of me I realized that travel was not synonymous to money. I learned that travel is all about the need to get out there and experience something new. It could be the waterfall in the nearby county or it could be miles away from home. This page is all about being your guide on how to travel outbound with the money you have. You don’t need to be old and retired to experience the magic of travel.

I am here to be your guide, to hold your hand and start the beautiful journey of exploring the wonders of planet earth. I will be offering 2 affordable travel services.

1. Travel Consultancy

This is my favourite part; I can literally spend hours talking all things travel. I want to be your travel search engine for travel that matches your budget. This service is targeted to those who want to travel but do not want the group travel where they tell you where to go how long to go and what to etc. This is for those people who want to see the world at their own speed and are not keen to wait for other people so as to start their adventure. For this service I will offer as much or as little as you may need. It could include but is not limited to the below:-

– Guidance on choosing your destination

– Recommendation on where to visit, where and what to eat ,what area to stay in and what accommodation to stay atKiss in Berlin, Germany

– Guidance on how to save and how much to spend on your vacation

– Finding a suitable destination based on likes and interests, that is within your budget

– Guidance on how to get your travel visa smoothly

– How to go backpacking, flashpacking, glampacking or luxury travel

– How to travel alone and love it.


2. Travel Consultancy with bookings

This service is best suited for people who are keen to travel but do not have the #me that is needed to do the research necessary to get you moving. I will be your eyes and ears on where to get cheap flights; easy solo, family, honeymoon, adventure destinations; or any outbound travel needs and wants. This service will include the same as above but I will plan your itinerary with you, help you pick things to see and do and make the bookings for you. All you have to do is pack your bag and hit the road.

As much as these services are mainly focused on Kenyans wanting to travel outbound, I will not forget all those lovely people keen to see the beauty of East Africa. I’d have say this is one area that is rather difficult to do venture into as a self explorer. It is definitely possible to explore it by yourself but with the Parks and Reserves been the key attractions you would need to arrange this with a travel expert. For this reason I have partnered with Africa&You a tour operator doing customized trips and safaris in East & Southern Africa.

If you are ready to start your journey to seeing what the world has to offer, it’s all about baby steps and the 1st step should be contacting me at or fill this form below. 🙂

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