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My friend Mandy from Texas is making a 1 day stop to say hey before heading out to Maasai land to volunteer. Trying to cramp so much in this extra short visit would be asking for too much. We opted to be tourists in Nairobi for a day. Ideally we need to be up by 5am so as to make it to the park by 6am for some wildlife game viewing but with her being jet lagged and me being my lazy self we opted to have a slightly later start at 9am.

Our 1st stop was the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, it is the  the most successful orphan-elephant rescue and rehabilitation program in the world and one of the pioneering conservation organizations for wildlife and habitat protection in East Africa.

Upon arrival you give a Kes 500 ($5) donation upon entry and go to a ring where you get to experience feeding time. The adorable baby elephants aged 2 weeks to just under 3 years come in for the milk and mud bath. The keepers personally take care of the elephants and train them to be wild again. The reasons for the orphan states range from poaching, litter related issues, problem animal control, natural causes etc.DSCN0198

They do have a fostering program where you can adopt one for$50 per year and you get weekly updates of the particular elephant. We did enjoy just being able to appreciate the love and care given to these lovelies.

As we had passed on the early morning drive we opted to head to the park for lunch. One of my currents favorites is Ololo Lodge. It is an Australian family owned lodge at the edge of the African wilderness, overlooking Nairobi National Park.DSCN0278 

We chose to use the back route which was a terrible idea as the road is extremely rugged and it took us more than hour to get there. My advice would be go through the main park and enjoy some wildlife as you drive to the lodge. They do allow for lunch only reservations but advance booking is required.DSCN0246

The lodge is stunning, with everything being very well thought out. The pool and outside dining area is perfect on a sunny day for you to just enjoy the Nairobi heat and awesome views. It was rather overcast when we were there but we still did end up staying there for 4 hours catching up, laughing and eating.DSCN0271

The staff is extremely friendly and was happy to give us a tour of the property. There are some of the rooms that provide you with unobstructed views of the park, This is now one of the places on my to stay list. 

Our last stop was the Giraffe Centre, it is a Non-Profit making organization whose main objective is to provide conservation education for school children and the youth of Kenya. They raise 90% of their funds from entry fees which are Kes 200 (US$ 2) for Kenyan citizens and Kes 1,000 (US$ 10) for non residents.DSCN0331

This was our chance to feed the giraffes and even get a kiss if lucky. We got there with only 30 minutes left before they closed. We however still got enough time to really enjoy playing with the giraffes.

To finish off the day we passed by the arcade at Karen Hub where a friend is working and had 1 ride to conclude a lovely day. Tired and happy we returned home and had some more catching up time.Karen Hub is one of the newest spots in the over blooming mall world in Nairobi. 

Being able to enjoy your own city from a different eye always makes me appreciate things so much more.

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