The Sacred Phnom Kulen

After a good time exploring the Temples of Angkor Wat we decided to go further North to what is considered the most sacred part of Cambodia. The vibe here is less tourist and while there we only encountered very few tourists. We chose to trek up the mounting which is 10 Km from the base of the mountain. It was a good scenery getting up there and the forest quite lush.1521750_10153635278200456_246792199_n


1488052_10153635275615456_1100172759_nWhile going up we kept listening for the count of water falls but you don’t hear it until  your at the top. At the top our 1st stop was the 1,000 lingas.. It is such a unique thing to see…series of stone carvings in sandstone formations in the river bed and banks. They are believed to keep the river scared.

There are a few ruins but they are not as spectacular after the Angkor ruins. The people here are less intrusive and really just mind their own business.

I am a big sucker for waterfalls and by far these are the most immaculate waterfalls I have ever seen. My 1st reaction after my 1st click click moment was dang it!…I dont believe in photoshop anymore. Without any edits or pro camera.. The shots of the waterfalls looked like a post card photo.1604968_10153635281135456_1616736154_n



1521855_10153635282080456_787485734_n There are a couple of levels and the lower you got the more breathtaking it got. We did get our water massages at this holy place.1497661_10153635282180456_1134771109_n

71404_10153635281460456_1711389196_nI had to put some Khmer food here just because I love exotic food.. 1493278_10153635283380456_758434605_nHappy Travels

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