The Rift Valley Festival 2014

I love Festivals!!!
The idea of music lovers, art lovers, outdoor lovers, young at heart, party lovers and all those who know how to live it up coming together for a couple of days to get soaked in sun, music, art and fun is Amazeballs.d5862-rvf2b2014The Rift Valley Festival is all about celebrating the rich culture of Kenyan through art, music, color, energy and tradition. It brings together globally sourced bands, musicians and DJs that make Lake Naivasha come alive to the sound of diverse music styles and genres and create the greatest party in East Africa each year.  This year been the 5th year it always get better in its own way.

I really look forward to every last weekend of August for this festival. This year I had great company; Cecilia and Andrew who were handling the Acro-yoga workshops and redefined chilling and Kez who will keep you happy and dancing all weekend. We opted for the full 3 day option and had a leisurely drive on Friday afternoons through the Rift Valley escarpment with stops for selfies and some yoga poses at the view point.6a550-dscn9301

Upon getting to the Festival venue at Fisherman’s Camp and setting up our “home” for the weekend, it was right on to getting the festival mood on.

This was a perfect combination of drinks, hookah, yoga and chilling and anything/ everything else in between. (smile)54a11-dscn9407c967b-dscn9403b165e-dscn9363af0ba-dscn9367

One of my most exciting bits of festivals is accessorizing and dressing up for it. With the sun finally out, flower crowns and head bands for daytime and glow in the dark glasses and bunny ears for nights were my go to pieces.

The festival vibe could be felt all around with people with body paints, DIY flower crowns, head gears, great locks. It was a time for everyone to bring out their party fashion poison. 90529-dscn9551d1568-dscn9618

When it came down to what brought us all together the music was incredible with different bands, DJ’s, international  and local artists and up coming local musicians . The bringing together of traditional, contemporary and modern music brought an extraordinary effect to the ravers. Besides the numerous power cuts and prolonged testings of sound which is very typical it was everything you would imagine and would want plus much more .. TIA we love love it 🙂


Getting the night started with my boho sister


The new addition they had this year was the UP Box. It was a cool concept of a 10 minutes mini club where if you were in there you better be dancing like crazy and then leave. I definitely enjoyed  a few stops through the night there with DJ Nzech spinning.
The other fabulous thing about the RVF festival is the perfect location of Fisherman’s Camp,Naivasha. Being right on the lake side with opportunities of taking a boat cruise, sun bathing or even waterboarding makes your days fun filled with beautiful nature.

This time we opted for Acro-yoga workshop, a short stroll around Naivasha, and perfecting my greatest joy of La Dolce Far Niente.

bf5a6-dscn9478The beauty of waking up after a night of partying to such beautiful views make you re energized and ready for a re-run. c628a-dscn9723733d5-dscn9652de1b2-dscn9689bc7f3-dscn9755f3ab4-dscn9655
And so it came and it passed and we went back to life. My newest fave phrase is “I hydrate like a baus” 🙂


Slap the bag and drink 🙂

Happy Times
– Lea –
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