The Magic beghind Waterfalls

We all love staycations, it reminds you of the beauty that surrounds you at home.fef19-7ce925d21ed98ffc9bc114e26efbed52 I do need to save up to be able to go on super cool vacays, so for now I am perfecting my love for staycations. I love it when you meet up with friends and do something different and exciting. staycationThis past weekend we opted for a day at the waterfalls. I am one of those lucky people who live at the perfect place. The Tigoni Waterfalls are 15 minutes away from my home. These natural waterfalls were discovered in 1969 and have remained pretty hush hush.99542-blogWe all met at my place and had brunch. Talking of brunch , I love love to entertain my friends with gourmet delicacies and amazing sangria. This time I discovered a strawberry farm next to me home and so this day was Strawberry filled. I am talking of strawberry daiquiris, strawberry tarts and strawberry parfaits etc.d0f60-img_20076789178520We packed up all our brunch stuff and did the small drive to the waterfalls. The look on my friends faces upon the scenery at the parking lot was divine; rows and rows of tea with Nairobi far in the horizon. We did spend a few minutes just enjoying this view that most people who live in the city never get to see so much green 🙂f85a6-blog1
After a few minutes we started to descend to the falls. The landscape is beautiful; the leaves have fallen and are still crisp on the ground and the indigenous trees giving a good chill for a hot day and the green peeping in between it all.As we walked we finally had the crashing waters and knew the waterfalls were close. The waterfalls are small but extremely beautiful. 91499-img_20275999430111

We set up our chill out site with our colorful Maasai blankets, and pop the wine and the afternoon just became perfect. It was all chatter with the waterfall in the background. 893df-20140920_153902


09627-img_28487629832404All of this reminded me why I love living in Tigoni and having amazeball friends. There something that just adds to my perfection. Yoga poses and Shisha must be high up in the list. Having my hookah and laced cookies in the nature was magical. 🙂

I look forward to more staycations.. Next will be horse back riding.. More on that soon.



Happy Staycations

– Lea-
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