The Kodak Moments of Koh Phi Phi

Every view is a Kodak moment while at Koh Phi Phi. It is the ultimate tropical getaway.


Koh Phi Phi has the finest sand ever, white beaches and breathtaking rock formations that rise from turqoise water..when the boat pulls over you know your in Paradise. DSCN2490DSCN2423DSCN2427Many people hate touristic places, but I like to differ. If the place has thousands of people traveling miles to see it, there must be something AWESOME about it. Phi Phi is one of those places, you will practically have a minimum of 5 people posing for  their own photos in your pictures. This however does not remove any beauty from this paradise. DSCN2432DSCN2439DSCN2447DSCN2414You get a chance to snorkel, see the viking caves and best of all just soak in sun in the most beautiful place ever.DSCN2517DSCN2540DSCN2619DSCN2611DSCN2574DSCN2598Its 31st Dec, spending my last day of this year on this lovely island brings so many good feelings. I cant express the joy I feel as I go into 2014. A new year with great things to look forward to. DSCN2461DSCN2454Happy New Year and a Great 2014!!! CAM00347– Lea-


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