Samburu Redifined

Samburu holds a special place for me individually and a greater significance to my blogging. 4 years ago in June 2012, I visited Samburu and my experience there led to my need to document my travel. Up until today that was my most luxurious trip ever. Last weekend of June I ran away from the chilly rainy

Faces of Maasai Mara

I was once again in Maasai Mara over the weekend. Some people ask me if I never get bored of going to see the same thing all the time? but my response is the same. It is NEVER the same. You will see lions but they will be different , you will feel different, there

Meet Baraka The Blind Rhino

My name is Baraka, I am a blind Rhino. I live in the Great Ol Pejeta Conservancy. Like my fellow rhinos, I like to play but I got injured and lost my sight. Don’t be sad life is good for me. I have very many friends who visit me and feed me, pet me, pose

My Leopard Encounter

I know I mentioned in my previous post that I had not seen a cheetah and leopard in close range after more than 9 safaris. This encounter with the  leopard was breathtaking, the leopard walked alongside our vehicle for 150 meters. After this we did get to see the Tsavo elephants that supposedly very different from

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