Walking the North Sea

Happy People, I survived am still in Germany but nowhere close to Koln 🙂 So after my dramatic change in plans it was time to venture to a new side of Deutschland and what is better than taking the bus and heading out Hamburg. Hamburg is one of those cities that you have to love.

Lakes Lakes Lakes!!!

  In the last few weekends, unknowingly I have heard a Lake craving and have done short trips to different Lakes in Kenya. The interesting thing they are within 2 hour drive distance from each other but they are also different. One of the most exciting things for me is always the 1st stop when heading to

It’s My Birthday

So it that time of the year where most people are buying roses for their loved ones, doing the most cliche Valentine gestures and in Kenya its that time where people paint the town red (literally you will see hundred of people in red. For me this is a different time where I celebrate that glorious

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