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Every sunset has a story, some will make you laugh, others will make you cry with joy and some will remind you of loved ones but for every each sunset beauty is part of the story it tells. As soon as I arrived in Pimentel 6 months ago, a friend told me by the time you leave you wont remember what sunset is what as all would be magical. as much as that may be almost true I think I remember the story of each at least 90% of them. DSC00453

Every sunset tells a story  L. Annan – the below sunsets were among my very 1st  – it was my birthday and my friends surprised me for wine and cake over sunset….it was all about new friends and the possibilities that lay ahead of me

Watching Sunsets around the world is boring – said No One :- most of my sunsets stories included welcome beers for new friends and despedida beers for the close friends we had grown to love and did not want to say bye just yet.. and the sunset lay low telling us that another day will rise and we shall have more time to be together.11117470_10155386396755456_1171643317_nIMG_6596IMG_2551

My sun sets to rise again – there those days when the universe says you’ve been great and had a long day   – you deserve awesome beauty to remind you that you are gorgeous and you can be happy and be whatever you want to be. On such days no Atlantic breeze will keep you away from the beach for sunset.IMG_4348 (2)IMG_6563 (2)IMG_6560IMG_4360

Don’t catch the sunset chase it -on some days it was all about goofing about and laughing our hearts out as we waited for yet another day of friendship and joy and buenas vibras ( good vibes).

Sunsets are so beautiful that they almost seem as if we’re looking through the gates of heaven – John Lubbock – A life here means new friends each day and getting close in matters of minutes. Walks on the beach and catching up after a day of different activities always brought us closer each day.

If you can look at the sunset and smile, then you still have hope. – One reason that I love sunsets it’s a promise of greater things , hope, better days  – It can be whatever you want it to be all wrapped in beautiful skies and perfect colours.

Many things in life can wait but The Sunset won’t – as much as this so true there days that the sunset lingered waited for us to soak it in.. live it, breath the crisp air and for sure take amazing photos.IMG_4137 (2)IMG_4359 (2)IMG_4296IMG_4217 - CopyIMG_4150IMG_4098 (2)

Peace is seeing sunset and knowing who to thank– May days like this be more and may the beauty of the sunsets bring more glow to our lives.

Sunset is still my favorite color and rainbow is my second– Mattie StepanekIMG_4359 (2)

Happy Sunset Viewing All Around The World



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