Sin City Bangkok meets History in Ayuthaya

When I choose a destination there certain things I have to particularly make sure their covered. Good street food, good night life and many other travels. On this trip I chose Bangkok to be my stop over in between other cities and other neighboring countries. I have been to Bangkok before so time I chose to have my $25 apple martini on the Sky Bar. The view was definitely one to kill for:) 1535401_10153696117295456_1776226720_n

1601447_10153696117120456_384488388_nOn one of my days in between my non touristic days, I chose to take a day off alone to Ayutthaya the historical city. While traveling alone as a backpacker everyone at home assumes I will be spending the whole vacation by myself, in reality the days you get to seat alone or just enjoy doing your own thing without having the same conversation with different people is very rare. Don’t get me wrong I am happy to have all this new people I meet but when its time to take a time out, I usually have a great time :). I therefore took a train out there and got a tuk tuk guy to take me around for half the day.

DSCN0623 My evenings in Bangkok ranged from wild drunken nights to mellow walks on the river or just a street and back massage for less than $5. 1560598_10153696117610456_351788850_nYou know when the statement its a small world comes to play; I bumped into a friend who I had last seen 3 years ago in Malaysia. It was great reconnecting and having some good Bangkok time together shopping and having our traditional hookah evenings. 1546226_10153696116815456_1090382628_n

1509193_10153696116395456_1509608834_nWe all know Bangkok is well known for lady boys, street boy streets and go go bars. I may have passed on the ping pong show but that didn’t mean didn’t get my chance of having to see tiny Thai girls working the poles as we passed by the bars.

Bangkok was so different as I reconnected with friends from places I had visited before and made life long friends. having amazing street food and just chilling all day is just the best way to spend my vacations:)

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