Satao Elerai Camp, Amboseli

In my post last week I reviewed Satao Camp in Tsavo and now its time for the sister property Satao Elerai Camp in a conservancy just outside Amboseli National Park. I last went to Amboseli in 2013 and you can read about here. Amboseli is 4 hours from Nairobi making it possible to do either 1 or 2 nights in the park.


The concept of conservancies has really grown in Kenya where a group of local communities lease out their land to hoteliers and they protect the game while providing job opportunities to the locals and keeping a sense of exclusivity. Elerai Conservancy is where this intimate camp is located. It is 5,000 acres South East of Amboseli National Park.  It has a rich variety of ecosystems from the semi-arid savanna to wetlands and is said to be home to a diverse collection of flora and fauna.C360_2015-12-14-12-42-41-38820151214_174505While here we did not do game drives but rather focused on the beautiful views that can be seen from the camp. The camp has 9 luxury tents providing unobstructed views of Mt Kilimanjaro and 5 hotel suites providing views of the Amboseli National Park which has more game. C360_2015-12-15-12-38-05-000C360_2015-12-14-17-31-14-993C360_2015-12-14-17-30-45-840C360_2015-12-14-17-31-44-132The suites are more luxurious but they sell both types of rooms at the same cost hence you have a choice of killer views or luxury room. For the life of me I have no idea where my photos of the suites disappeared to.

In the morning we woke up super early and we camped out waiting on the promised mountain to show itself. At a certain point some of us gave up and went to the comfort of our beds but Alas unlike my last visit this was going to be the time where I would have my time with the mountain. Check out that view from within my tent……C360_2015-12-15-06-51-28-372IMG-20151129-WA0007IMG-20151129-WA0003The architectural setup of this camp is unique and gives a very warm vibe. The lounge are has nice view of the plains offering 2 different views. C360_2015-12-14-17-40-45-074C360_2015-12-14-17-40-49-120C360_2015-12-14-17-41-17-748IMG-20151214-WA0018To put a cherry on the top an infinity pool with killer views. To be honest we spent 86% of out time here. Had our breakfast served here, chilled in the morning in the afternoon and all the time.C360_2015-12-15-09-59-55-688C360_2015-12-15-11-04-34-103C360_2015-12-15-10-07-30-490C360_2015-12-15-10-02-47-355

The camp manager was really intriguing where he gave us really funny stories of the camp, his guests and animal drama. One morning he joined us for breakfast after a an early morning of chopping wood and trimming grass. He laughed and said – I need to keep busy or i will die of chain smoking 🙂 My parents had been at the camp in November for their 35th anniversary and it was nice to hear them tell me all about how delighted my parents had been.IMG-20151214-WA0091

For this camp, I recommend paying a little extra to stay at this little magical place but doing your game drives within the Amboseli National Park. I cannot speak much of the quality of the game drives within the conservancy as we were too lazy to do it – the pool is to blame.20151215_115934

It is exactly 7 days to Christmas, after my German Christmas last year I feel so underwhelmed with nothing panned for this year but after almost an year of travel great experiences I am happy to have  a chill Christmas with my family who I love to bits.C360_2015-12-15-14-27-40-178C360_2015-12-15-14-31-37-922

Happy Holidays,

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