Luxury in Samburu

There are places where you only know what you learned in elementary school or what you hear from the media. Growing up my perception of Samburu was a very dry place where women and children die so often due to starvation and famine. I had never wanted to even visit that area as it would remind me of all the little things I take for granted in life. The day when I booked the trip to Sasaab Camp, Samburu all that changed.DSC01351 I took a flight from Wilson Airport that took 1 hour and landed on a very rough and dry airstrip. We were met by 4WD open safari land cruisers and were driven for about 30 minutes to the camp. En route to camp we saw a few animals and a few dead ones, the driver/ guide pointed out that they starved as it had been very dry. At that point I was not sure how my stay in Samburu would be. I closed my eyes and decided safaris can never be awful…on getting to camp the view and interior of the camp was not only mind blowing but also the most exclusive and luxurious place I have ever been in the bush (or anywhere for that matter). DSC01264The hosts Doug and Tanya were so welcoming and the little puppy too:)DSC01404 The porter took me to my room and for sure that cannot be a room not even a suite :). For me who travels pretty budget I felt like a KING, even a queen did not feel grand enough. So the porter is explaining the room details.. plunge pool for cooling down, painting stand to explore you creative side, open concept bathroom to let you connect with nature and my mind is spiraling with amazement. Copy of DSC01356DSC01266DSC01452So lets start with my room/house/palace….my room, had the very well known California king size bed that you can roll 7-8 time to get your phone on the other end. I had 2 bathrooms, one indoor and another outdoor, I swear I saw a Morani Samburu giving me  the eye from across the river. DSC01275DSC01289DSC01268My plunge pool was such a delightful addition to the experience. As I had opted for only 1 game drive I did spend a good amount of time in the plunge pool reading, day dreaming and painting:) DSC01381DSC01398

The lounge area was quite exciting and great views.Copy of DSC01355DSC01461DSC01406 The massage palour made me feel like I was in Lamu even without ever having been there.DSC01341DSC01346The game viewing in Samburu was very different from what I have experienced at different parks. There seemed to be no much game but I got to see a pack of wild dogs which is especially really difficult to spot:), some elephants and some reticulated giraffe.

One evening I opted for camel game viewing over the usual game drive.. it was a rough and bumpy ride which was different but I am definitely not booking the 7 day camel safari 🙂 DSC01414DSC01415DSC01412Samburu is now my number one place in Kenya in regard to landscapes and uniqueness.. I am however not sure if its the luxury provided at Sasaab or just the magical views I had from my plunge pool or my bed… taking a shower in an open setting definitely put a cherry on the pie. Taking a walk in the camp led to more magic places that made me feel so spoiled.DSC01465Copy of DSC01464DSC01479 When the time came to leave, I left knowing it will be a whole lifetime before I will be back to a place of such luxury. xxDSC01455

DSC01476Happy Travels
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