Safari from my room balcony

We all know when you book that safari what we have in mind is seating in 4 x 4 car as a driver drives in the park looking for animals and you taking the pics. This trip on the weekend to Serena Mountain Lodge at Mount Kenya National Park was one that blew my mind awayIMG_6954. So upon getting to the lodge the crisp air and dead silence was to die for. The lodge is a tree house that has been there for over 40 years and is still standing strong.IMG_6933998250_10151691133106672_260120908_n As soon as our host let us know there no game drives allowed I thought bummer then why come all the way. I hadn’t been listening and had missed the part where he said you don’t look for the animals as they will come to you.. Nice huh!! it was literally thatIMG_6940Every room has a view of the forest and waterhole. Ingrid and I sat down on our balcony and as we chatted away and had our vino..we both drifted to our happy places.

They have a waterhole that attracts different animals in the day and night. As soon as we woke up all foggy but the animals started streaming in942573_10151425443181456_1902303692_nThe night before we arrived a leopard had been spotted. For our herds of elephants, buffaloes and cute monkeys came to be seen 🙂IMG_6943IMG_4497

On the way back to Nairobi after our getaway we stopped at The Trout Tree Restaurant, 1003100_10151691133291672_809705545_nob_b5d80898b4099ee8891f68034a49e899_overblog-8063trout_tree_nanyukiI can confidently say they have the best smoked trout in Nairobi. I had tandoori trout.. it was super delish and the Columbus monkeys hanging out there on the tree house style restaurant made a great stop

…Ohh my classic jump with my sister…397437_471818619562787_1749941828_n (1)Happy Travels

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