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In the last couple months, I have been living in Pimentel as explained here and I have been enjoying exploring the North of Peru. It is full of archaeological sites and museums which on most days are not my cup of tea but the last weekend was definitely a bit different.

Huaca La Esmeralda

Huaca La Esmeralda

Joined by Bea a cutie from Brazil and Caroline from Germany we took the bus to a city called Trujillo. We may have encountered some bumps like needing original passports, taking a taxi back home and back to the station in time for the next departure but it was worth it.

We arrived in Huanchaco rather late and though we live on the beach it was nice to experience a different fishing pueblo (town) that is more happening than our lovely Pimentel. We were lucky to get a really cheap and cosy hostel with great views of the Sea and the best breakfast.

Huanchaco Beach

Huanchaco Beach

The pier at Huanchaco

The pier at Huanchaco

Grafiti on our hostel wall

Grafiti on our hostel wall

Choosing to spend the night in Huanchaco proved even more beneficial becasue when we took the taxi to head into our Chimu  – Pre Inka civilization journey. 1st stop was Chan Chan that is the largest mud city in the world. Now its a sandy adobe brick wall capital city but back then it was full of colour. As we strolled around the expansive city , I tried to visualize the city with Kings, king’s escorts and servants, and numerous ritual platforms, altars and warehouses, I guess it must have been pretty awesome.IMAG0517

Our guide was quite informative and the stories of how they worshiped the moon and how this can still be depicted now was quite intriguing. The reedy pond in the middle of the desert and how they used the altar for the religious ceremonies to the moon were some of the highlights.IMG_2266

The next few stops were short but all the same riveting. Huaca del Arco Iris (Temple of Rainbow) and Huaca La Esmeralda (Temple of Emeralds) are both located within the city as they were buried in sand until the 1960’s making them quite preserved and intact.


Huaca del Arco Iris

Huaca del Sol, or the Pyramid of the Sun is not accessible hence we went right into the Huaca de la Luna, or the Temple of the Moon. it also belonged to the Moche culture and is rather impressive as some of the frescos that covered the whole Temple  is visible at some parts. The artifacts of Moche culture are really a wonderful fine work.



Now that the history parts were done I was ready for something different and as soon as we got to the Plaza de Armas, I was blown away by the colors and the tranquility of Trujillo.IMAG0575_1


The weekend was a great time to spend some time away from Pimentel. I look forward to more weekends like this.

~Happy Travels~

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