Reasons To Stay in Hostels

It’s a love or hate relationship with hostels, it’s never in-between. I personally love hostels and for the last 10 ++ years I have stayed in more hostels than hotels. Research shows that though millennials may not have as much money as other travelers, they do spend more of their disposable income and stay on the road longer to see the world than many other travelers.  This has therefore led to an increase in number of hostels as they are a more popular alternative than traditional hotels for many young travelers, aged 18 to 35. There are many reasons for and some against staying in hostels. Today however, it’s all about why you should consider it at least once.

Here are 6 key reasons why every young or young at heart individual should at least consider staying in a hostel:-

  1. You meet great people from around the world – when travelling alone or even with friends; most travelers enjoy meeting other travelers and expanding their knowledge of not only their travel location but also culture and lifestyle of other travelers visiting the same destination. If you stayed in a hotel room you would most likely only have conversations with the receptionist and valet whereas staying in a hostel, you are exposed to all other guests at common rooms, bars or in the room you be sharing. Some hostels tend to be more vibrant than others and thus you have choices of what you prefer.

    Dinner with friends from The Backpack, Cape Town

  2. It’s super cheap – this is one of the main reasons I personally stay in hostels. Cost is a major factor determining where I travel to, how I travel and how long I stay and saving $$ in accommodation is a great start. I have stayed in dorm rooms starting from as low as $ 8 a night. Being able to anything from $5 to $ 40 a night you are left with more money to either travel longer or spend the money on other important stuff as excursions and tours.
  3. Organized activities – from pub crawls, free walking tours to discounted tours, staying in a hostel allows for you to easily join in activities that may be otherwise not be as straightforward if for example staying in a hotel. You also immediately get an instant personal photographer when you take a tour with people from the hostel. I remember I joined a free walking tour in Athens and met Alex a photo lover like me and we pretty much lagged behind taking photos of each other. This comes in handy for solo travels who are not keen or willing to travel with a tripod stand.

  4. General Vibe – The atmosphere in most hostels is hip, fun and very vibrant. I personally love to stay in hostel where the balance is good in that the dorm rooms are sound proof whereas the common room/ bar is a full of energy. When I started travelling, I preferred party hostels where we partied all night and explored the destinations partly hangover-ed. Over the years, things have changed and a hostel that has a good decent bar or is in the perfect location for bars and restaurants is ideal. When this is combined with sound proof rooms that allow you to have a decent night sleep, then  I am sold.

    An evening in Pimentel, North of Peru

  5. Knowledgeable locals – The staff you get in my most hostels are young local people interested in travel and are therefore keen to share travel tips with other travelers visiting their countries. This allows for you to get best unbiased recommendations. The staff in most hostels tends to be of travelers themselves or other travelers working in return for free accommodation. This allows for a flow of good travel advice on off the beaten path and local secrets.

    Phuket , South Thailand at WhyNot Backpackers

  6. Great Locations – You will find that most hostels are perfectly located within walking distance of most popular attractions which cuts on cost for transport and allows you to walk and explore the destination on foot. The comparative hotels that are normally located closest to main attractions are generally so overly priced.

    Acropolis View from Pella Inn Hostel

Staying in a hostel during your travels is a unique experience, which everyone should try at least once. There are hundreds of hostels around the world, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a hostel that works for you!

Would you stay in a hostel?

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