Ranch House Bistro, Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha is one of those places in Kenya that I believe I will never come to a point where I can stand it. With its proximity to Nairobi ( 1 1/2 hours) and the endless list of what to do as see here. Every single time I visit this area I have an extremely different experience, I have been lucky that none of those have been negative ones. I ,learned about this hidden spot from the lovely Akinyi of The Chronicles Of An African Girl. It has been on my to do list for a while and am excited that this weekend my friend and I were able to drive down to Lake Naivasha for the weekend.

As always we did our compulsory stop to absorb all the beauty of the Great Rift Valley. 20150829_124244

In a perfect world Ranch House Bistro would have rooms and we would never have left. But since we leave in a world that is far from perfect we opted to stay in the nearby Kongoni Lodge. The hotel has great views and the rooms are great to with the concept of cottages that give you great chilled vibe. The only downside is the food, for me this was a major turn off but since our main reason for being in Lake Naivasha was the Ranch I did not complain.

After you enter the gate the 1st impression is you are lost as you do not see anything but a run down house and  a gas station. Keep driving until you see steps that we lead you up to the restaurant. 20150829_17353020150829_17350520150829_173200The food is great, one the 1st day I had the ranch burger with extra blue cheese and the 2nd day I opted for the pizza which was delicious. 2015-08-29 18.15.5620150830_141917The cocktails we loved in bounds and rounds. This kept as going as we enjoyed the views and the beautiful views. 20150829_1543402015-08-29 18.15.5620150829_173021We did not spend much time at the lodge as we went to the Ranch for every meal (talk of determination). While at the lodge we spent most of the time at the pool area as it was the most beautiful part of the lodge. 20150830_10360820150830_11554920150830_103722

The cottages were done at good spots where you saw loads green hills and a peak of the lake.


Happy Days


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