Phuket, The Pearl of The Andaman


When you here Phuket you think of the idyllic beaches, blue water and heaven on other.. then you say well Photoshop exists. But seriously Phuket is really the Pearl of the Andaman Sea. Disclaimer, you must however know how to navigate and maximize on the heaven down there:) 5853e-cam00296.jpgWell I will give my 2 cents on how to explore Phuket. Unless you are booking an all inclusive resort most chances are you will land in Patong Beach. When you think of beaches you think sun, sand and sea but i think there so much more to the beach than that. Patong Beach can be a bit too much for some most tastes. The beach is overly crowded with thousands of tourists and Bangla street is a never ending go – go bar festival. This is not to say it does not have its own charm..I had some of the best view point while staying at Patong Beach. For all the cool activities at almost no cost, Patong is definitely the place to be.52fb0-dscn2025Having a Thai woman spread fresh aloe vera on your back so you don’t get burned was so refreshing. It actually cools you down.

Bangla road on Patong is madnesss but it was fun:) Think of happy hour from 9.00am to 7.00am everyday. 72783-dscn2006



be65a-dscn2003So how to enjoy Phuket at its best is by renting a motorbike and cruising through the great landscapes of greenery and beautiful beaches. South of Patong are some lovely beaches:- Karon, Kata and Kata Noi Beaches. These beaches are less crowded and are great to just seek and soak in some sun while listening to the crushing waves. There’s also a great view point where you can see the 3 beaches aerial view.

North of Patong there are some great beaches Kamala and Bang Tao. i spent most of the time on Kamala beach, it is much quieter and has really long stretch of the beach. Pinacoladas and pad thai was enough to keep me entertained.9ec58-pc290240



ad153-dscn2189 Paradise Beach was a really small beach, barely 150 meters long. It is very quiet and well shaded. There are no activities on this beach.b4aa1-dscn2351


af60e-dscn2357 While backpacking your accommodation is expected to be anything but fancy haha. I have always wanted to try out the capsule hotel rooms. I was in luck  Capsule Hotel And Sauna opened just 10 days before I got to Phuket. For only THB350 (US$ 10) per night you get a double capsule room, a locker, DIY breakfast and unlimited use to the 3 saunas and ice room. I felt really spoiled. The bathrooms have driers and are very modern. UPDATE ‘Nov 16 : The hotel changed name to Why Not Backpackers and has now permanently closed. On my last night I moved to Bodega Phuket and I loved it and the cost was still very very minimal can’t remember

Christmas was a lovely day here in Phuket, awesome friends, Korean food, it was a day and night to remember. Yoga on the beach is the best thing ever. Exploring with underwater photography and posing and long lazy beach strolls.6ab70-dscn2266


27681-pc280201Happy Travels

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