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When I live or travel to a new place I always dive in nose first for all the must see places and once in a while I regret that choice as everything else after that in an anti climax. Well its a work in progress to spread things across but lets just say that is not yet perfected. So I have been in Peru for about 3 months already and I have done pretty much the most important places in the North and best of all Machu Picchu. However I feel that the diversity of this country in regard to landscape, culture, food is so abundant that I will not get bore or tired of new experiences.

As you may know by now I am living a tiny little fishing town in North of Peru and though I may not be a city girl, it could be very easy to get bored and recent the place. With new friends and new twists here I have compiled a list of things to do for a day when living in Chiclayo.IMG_2667

This list is not in any particular order and is just my suggestions of what to do when not volunteering or interning.

1.Go for a swim and picnic the Tinajones Reservoir
Tinajones is 1 hour away from Chiclayo and easily accessible by public transport. The reservoir which is the 4th largest in the country with a 320 million cubic meters capacity is used as storage in summer and the excess water is used in irrigation areas during the winter.DSC01244

The water is crystal blue cool, it is lovely on a warm summer day where you can swim or bring your own kayak. We did have a picnic and enjoyed the birds, mad baths. It is definitely a great way to spend a Sunday.IMG_2025 IMG_2022 IMG_2036
2.Catch a football game in the stadium
If you are lucky you can be in line with football season and you get to be part of the South American passion filled love for football. We were lucky to get to watch Juan Aurich (Chiclayo Team) play against Argentina. I was my 1st experience at football so I was super pumped more excited of the crowd than the match. I later learned it was actually a boring match jajaja, but the experience was definitely worth it.DSC01660 (3) DSC01699 (2) DSC01662 (2) DSC01698
3.Go have some ostrich eggs
10 minutes from Pimentel by Tuk tuk is an Ostrich farm owned by Ricardo Castañeda’s. He is literally a bird collector, on the day we went he had about 116 birds and he gives you a good chat about it came about from interning in USA in an ostrich farm and returning to Peru with 11 birds and growing to a great collector. He sells ostrich meat for about US$ 12 per kg. We got to eat lunch there which was rather pleasantDSCN4254 DSCN4259 DSCN4257
4.Visit Museo Sipan
The pre inka cultures of Peru are very felt in the North with most of its tourism being centred on it. For almost every culture there is the archaeological site and a museum where the original stuff are restored and displayed. DSC02899

This museum is great with almost 3 floors of artefacts, fortunately you have to store all the facts in your head as cameras are not allowed. I believe this state of the art museum is the best that Peru has to offer. The visit to the museum is best done after visiting the orignal sites of Huaca Rajada where you see the tomb of Señor de Sipán.IMG_3301
IMG_33115.Visit Museo Sican
Sican or House of the Moon is a museum that gathers objects from the research lead by the archaeologist Izumi Shimada, director of the Sican Archaeological Project (1978), for more than two decades. The exhibition compiles the artefacts found in the site digs of Batán Grande and demonstrates how they were used or fabricated. The intention is to model different aspects linked to the Sican culture through the representation of the details of domestic life, the manufacturing processes, or production work. The rooms represent excavated tombs and exhibit the burial paraphernalia discovered there. The museum also offers detailed information on the excavation process and site preservation, as well as the chronology, development, trade networks, economic activities, burial patterns, and cosmology of the Sican or Lambayeque cultures. – I didn’t visit it but if your into pre historic cultures , this is a good stop
6.Check out the Afro Peruvian Community
In a small town called Zaña that has commonly been know as a ghost town due to its history has a population of about 1,000 and have tried to keep the Afro-Peruvian culture in song, dance and food.DSCN1174 DSCN1203
Zaña was the most important city on the northern coast, surpassing even Trujillo. It was not just a center for trade, but also for agriculture, and a large number of African slaves were brought to the river valley to work the land. Zaña had estates, mansions, and hulking churches to rival anything in Lima. The Brits came in 1686 and scared all the wealthy people away and the black Peruvians stayed, unfortunately Zaña River over flooded during El Niño rains and the city was destroyed leading to all Spanish settlers leaving and leaving it as a ghost town. The town has a number of ruins and a museum trying to protect their culture.DSCN1195 DSCN1189
7.Bring out your inner child at the Aqua Park
There those days when the Ocean is not enough and you need to get your inner child out. The Aqua park works best for this and is best visited on weekdays to avoid all the many children. Get your cerveca and soak up the sun in between a good read and water slidesIMG_3583 IMG_3581 IMG_3580
8.Go for a chill at Las Pirkas
Las Pirkas is a recreational centre where you can swim, drink, go kart, kayak for those days that you need to be away from all things museums and archaeology. They also have rooms hence you could opt to spend the night there. However too many mosquitoes for my liking 🙂DSCN1121 DSCN1127 DSCN1152 DSCN1145
9.Get a wedding invite
One of my Spanish teachers got married during my stay there and the weddings tarting at 8pm and running to 3am was definitely a good way to experience the start of love in the Peruvian way.DSCN5118

10.Go for mani-pedis
Sometimes when travelling things that are common at home like pampering yourself seem like a luxury too much for the road, but there days when the best thing is to feel as normal as home in your new temporary home. Spa treats in Peru are dirt cheap and having our bond time as we get our nails done is always a nice way to end a week.DSCN4410 DSCN4419
11.Visit the Peruvian Pyramids
Túcume, or Valle de las Pirámides (Valley of the Pyramids), is made up of twenty-six pyramids.IMG_2533 IMG_2487
The monumentality is given by great pyramids made of adobe tricks, platforms, stuff, finish with adobe bricks and quincha structures, plaster that some time was painted contrasting with the green of Pómac wood and the agricultural zones. IMG_3323

If you do not compare with other pyramids like Giza or Teotihuacan then it should be an interesting visit. IMG_2530
12.Organize a Taco night
Food is one of the thing that brings people together really well. Bring a couple of friends together and do a taco night. This will bring out the best in everyone as food always does.DSC07462 DSC07465 (2) DSC07448
13.Go surfing
Disclaimer, I cant surf but Pimentel is a great place to learn or practice your surfing. With 2 hour classes going for US$12 you can definitely get your surf skills going. If you are me and cant surf take awesome photos and videos for your friends…its just as exciting11169889_750342678398329_2703440382293502646_n 11207355_750320445067219_6476512224854493211_n
14.Enjoy Pimentel Sunsets and the stories they tell as shown here IMG_4360

15.PARTY – Catch the ASI fortnight BBQ’s as seen here or hit the clubs in town  IMG_2479IMG_3495 IMG_2040

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