Oh My!! I Love Amsterdam

It was time to leave Germany and head to Netherlands.  Amsterdam has always been a place I wanted to visit for different reasons but mainly the curiosity of all its pliable regulations. Sascha my Dutch friend lived in my city and we had the best times and so it was time to enjoy her city- she was the perfect host.  With only 1 week here I opted for concentrating on Amsterdam rather than other cities.IMG_1117

IMG_4217 The city is alive in more ways than 1. The cold temperatures did not take away the vibrancy on the city. I fell in love with Amsterdam by 9am in the morning on my 1st day and reconnected with Johana after 5 years by 10am. I knew this would be the highlight of my short trip. We started with coffee at Sky Lounge Amsterdam for best 360 degree of Amsterdam and catch up time. 5 years was literally summarized to a breakfast of 2 hours. IMG_1131


Put 3 girls who have not seen each other in years and a beautiful city and its all but crazy. The number if times cyclist yelled at us can be counted to a minimum of 7.  This trip was all about crossing comfort zone. The Brouwerij’t IJ, Amsterdam Windmill Brewery was one of the 1st breaks the comforts, beer and cheese has never been something I would have ever imagined. We got to the bar at 2pm and were welcomed by a bar decorated by the bottle collection of Gijs de Graaff, who has been displaying his bottles at our premises for years. We sampled the beer and well I am not a beer drinker and it was literally 2nd week after my 1st beer hence can’t tell you it’s amazing or not 🙂IMG_1159





It was then time to follow the light show by foot around the city. Hand in hand we braved the chilly nights and tried to get glimpse of some of the light set ups.Blog3 Blog5 Blog4 Blog2

The canals of Amsterdam with all the bikes and locks on the bridge make a perfect postcard picture and we did not get enough of them.IMG_1207 IMG_1205 IMG_1204 IMG_1200 IMG_1197 IMG_1163 IMG_1162

Amsterdam is also known for its museums and though I am not the biggest fun of museums we opted from the Rijksmuseum, Hash Marijuana Museum, Van Go Museum and Heineken Museum opting out from frank House coz of the long queues.IMG_4231 IMG_4234 IMG_4233


Best thing ever: FEBO. The idea of slotting some coin and getting your hot croquette is the best invention ever. Coming from the club heavily hammered and getting some FEBO has never been more gourmet…Ohh yum yum!!!IMG_0014 IMG_0004 IMG_0013

The Red Light district was another of those experiences that one can hardly explain. The idea of women in all sorts of color, shape, size and style displayed on red-fringed window parlours, sex shops and Hash museum and nothing is left to imagination.  I have always considered myself very open minded but walking through the narrow alleys of Rossebuurt, I felt very prudish.

IMG_1353IMG_1352 IMG_1358 IMG_1359IMG_5388 IMG_5389 IMG_5397

Did I mention I love Amsterdam?IMG_9517 IMG_4262IMG_9508 IMG_4242 IMG_9498 IMG_4253

So another fascinating part, the free spirit of drugs in Amsterdam makes me so happy in a funny way:)Blog2 IMG_1379

The New Year is in a few days and I am excited for the party plans. Stay tuned for what the last day of 2014 will bring us!!!! See you next Year Happy People ~L~

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