My Winter Romance Gone Awry

At this point I have confirmed with my bosses that I will take a sabbatical from work for one year. Crazy??? yes but needed. Most people take sabbaticals because their in a rut or they hate their lives or jobs etc. For me its nothing like that, I have the perfect job and the perfect bosses who asked me not to resign but instead take the year off. I am taking a break from  life to experience a new culture , pick up a new language and to ensure life doesn’t get too predictable. I am pretty thrilled with the idea of living in South America and working from a dainty beach office.. ” I cant seem to stop smiling as the thought is just so pleasant”.

Leaving the office and not turning back for a while :)

Leaving the office and not turning back for a while 🙂

What I think my life will be like hahaha

What I think my life will be like hahaha


Koln Christmas market

For this post I will need to take you back an year ago to the months traveling in South East Asia. Well one beautiful day in beautiful Thailand Girl meets Boy, Girl travels with Boy, Boy likes Girl, Girl likes Boy, Girl goes home , Boy goes home. That is rather very common in the world of travel . This is the one time the story took a turn and a “relationship” was started. After 6 months well Girl like travel, Girl likes Boy so I packed my winter clothes and embarked for my winter romance in Germany. The joy and expectations of not having seen each other in an year was so strong you could hear it. I arrived at Frankfurt with great emotions going through me, what is it going to be like? its been an year, what if the connection was only in Thailand? But it was just like the movies you watched (or watch:)), as soon as we met at the arrival terminals the winter cold disappeared, the big city vanished and we were back on a street in Thailand having foot massages and drinking coconut drink. It was a fairy tale, we talked, we laughed, we strolled the Christmas markets, we took freezing walks in the park, smoked a joint and I knew at that point life couldn’t get better than that.

See how happy I was :)

See how happy I was 🙂

Well the director of the script of this movie that was my holiday took some mushrooms or LSD because the next thing during the fairy tale was definitely the worst phrase of my year “I am still in love with my Ex”. This was said to me right after a pleasant night of the great Koln Christmas market. On this dark cold night, my first reaction was what the hell? then what the HELL, then What THE HELL, after a couple of this I said “I wan’t go home now” hahaha. It sounds funny now but then it wasn’t I was seriously going to cancel everything and go back home.

We even had the sun try to lighten the mood

We even had the sun try to lighten the mood

Girl is mad, Girl is sad, Girl hates Boy, Girl Sleeps, Boy seats in silence. its a new day and its the eve of Christmas. So we had our Christmas dinner all planned for 2 in a tiny beautiful city facing the mountain in the South of Germany. With this rather inconvenient short period of time I realized it was too late to change the Christmas plans. I can bet no one beats this Christmas dinner – 2 estranged souls, baked wild salmon, nice crackling fire, wine and Christmas movies. If it were 2 lovers this would be an ideal situation but I got to say I am one strong girl cause I did go through it and came out stronger (and by that I mean I survived 🙂

At least one great thing happened, I had my first tiny snow experience :)

At least one great thing happened, I had my first tiny snow experience 🙂

What would you do if you were in situation, would you leave and go back home, move to a different city the following day or have a Christmas dinner without killing each other as I did? Keen to hear:) Well I have 20 days to go and not sure what to do. Will be back when I figure what is next.

Merry Christmas!!


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