My Fave People in Peru

This is post is dedicated to amazing people who I have met in the last few months who have for one reason or another touched my life. I am the kind of person who kinda loves everyone and try to see the best on everyone, however there times you meet that one person that you automatically know that they are a keeper and are meant to be in your life not just today but maybe another day in a time we don’t know yet

Beatriz Verneaux

Bea is a darling; she was one of the very 1st people I met when I joined the volunteer program at ASI. As an English teacher she was bubbly, full of life and eager to have a chat, within the 1st day the connection was made and I knew it would be a lovely ride with her for the next couple of minutes. In 4 days bags were packed and we were on to our very 1st short trip in Peru. We laughed, we talked, we cried, we took hundreds of photos and shared our souls out in that in a few weeks we felt like sisters.
Bea is now like my sister more than anything we fight and love each other in the same sentence. She is the kind of girl I know even if I do not see her for a couple year I could go to US or Brazil and she will be there with a Korean Pop mix tape for us to dance away too.

Gina Vincetta

Gina was my roomie for 1 day before she moved to a more chill residence but we didn’t bond until a week later when she had settled and gotten the hang of little fishing town. With her exotic – dashing looks that blend – African, Asian, European –American born and her killer salsa moves Gina could easily full you for a preppy girl next door girl but she is full of wisdom, from travel, relationships, career, music name it, Gina will have some wise 2 cents for you. Seating down on the beach, listening to her playing her ukulele as we chatted away in topics of all manners, she inspired me. Her travel and volunteering and her aspirations of working with BackRoads just made smile more and be inspired as well. She, a couple other friends and I did the majestic Machu Picchu together and couldn’t have chosen better people to have shared that experience with.
KEY LESSON – LIVE, TRAVEL AND DANCE – like there is no tomorrow

Alexandra Lienhardt

My French princess, Alex is one that loved by all with her clashing earrings and her arty fashion style it is impossible to miss the immediate affection for her. She is one person I have met with the purest of hearts. I was lucky to live with her and she’s a sweetheart – super healthy breakfast sometimes served on the rooftop – isn’t that heaven on earth? Well I didn’t love her just cause she made me breakfast, she was an inspiration from the word go, her way of thinking made you look at the life choices you had made and those you were planning and you thought again. She makes life look so easy, so simple – which it is but sometime we forget it.
It’s the simple things in life that matter, we had a policy of a warm, strong hug every morning – it may seem like a silly move but living miles away from family and home friends, and a gesture as easy as a hug just feel your heart with love. As I am planning a major change in live and love, Alex made look at everything from a different angle – normally people will give you facts and figures and she approached it from the heart perspective and as I move on with all my plan, I will be forever be indebted to her wisdom by heart.

Claire Bodard

She is my soul sister born in a lovely French body. I have to include how we met – one early Saturday morning, I was in bed dying of Peru tummy/ Hangover – we have never solved that mystery. I had been sick for 2 days and was sleeping when she checked in; with a weak hello from me and a jetlagged one from her we both returned to bed and slept the day away. At 3pm, I weakly wake up and say – “I have a good feeling we going to be good friends, with that I fell asleep as she said “I think so too”. Well that’s it in our sleep/tired/sick states a friendship was build without talking.
Claire makes a perfect – never let go kind of friend – she seems to have perfect the art of dealing with female friendships, she knows when to tell you what you want to hear or when to give you the hard truth served with love. I have never wanted to live with close friends and Claire broke that – from life habits, party habits, cooking / no cooking habits, love and life – we connect in this and so much more. I do hope after our great time here in Peru we shall make away to find a new place to get to love together again.

Ivan Effio Huidobro

Mi hermano peruano – my Peruvian brother. Ivan is a darling, I met him at farewell party of my chica perunana – keniana locisima – Konni. In a big group of drunken peruanos was Ivan kinda new to the ASI crew, his calm, his perfect English and that he didn’t hit on me by the second sentence was the deal closer. From the following day beach walks, BBQ, surf school chats we talked and I helped in with his English exam for his super awesome job in a cruise that will start in September. Ivan has heart of Gold he will go out of his way to ensure you have the best experience and will also be willing to help. Coming from a non developed country and knowing what you want and going for it, FOCUS and living your life was his way – and that reminded me a lot of myself. It didn’t bother him that all the surfer boys hated him since all the girls would chill with him and feel safe. He did his thing not let anyone side track him.. His photography is beautiful and I can see why the cruise ship company has opted to have him on board. YAY

Daniel Maguire- “Yo, Priest get me some coal”

Daniel is your Irish guy; there is no dull moment with him. He joined ASI with plans of taking 1 week of Spanish classes and he ended up staying with us for 3 weeks. Daniel is a bubble of joy, from his nice big cuddles, to bringing Irish tea for anyone not feeling well, or his ukulele skills. He is such a keeper, once he knew I loved the song Riptide by Vance Joy and he learned it with Gina and they played it to me on their ukuleles to me. Daniel is the kind of guy you feel real and not pressured to show your best side all the time. He makes you feel so comfortable. He is also one of the sweetest guys I know, I remember when he finally went, he literally went walking all through Lima city trying to get me coal for shisha. This was not easy but he pulled it off and sent it to me in my little village. He is fun and brings out the best in those around him

Daniel Schuster

Daniel is kind of your young typical German guy, brush from the outside and a little delicate egg on the inside. I have never been the one to make super deep connections with guys but with Daniel talking for hours about everything and nothing with no judgment. He is also the kind of guy who will one minute be making a proper meal one minute and the other minute super macho. He also constantly reminded me of my positivity and good spirits. You know the theory of conditioning where if you told something so often you become it. I feel with the constant reminder a better me was formed. The spirit of adventure to try new things and go beyond comfort zones was also an aspect Daniel opened my eyes to.

Great friends on the road are a like a drop or rain  in a desert.





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