Mother City : Cape Town

I know many people have said this before me but Cape Town is one of the most beautiful places in this world. When I was planning to take a couple weeks in South Africa I knew I would like it but my experience there was much more than just mere like… it was fun, relaxing, thrilling and loved every minute of it. My initial plan was a overland trip around Southern Africa ending at Cape Point, when the company declared bankruptcy I knew this meant more time in Cape Town.1239049_10151591719876456_1523419123_n
I thought about going through Johannesburg but since I come from a country where free ranging wild game can be viewed within the city I knew I would skip Kruger and hence did not have so much appeal for it.1002627_10151591712786456_887206470_n Well I am a sucker for cheap deals so when the flight was cheaper to Jo burg I opted to pass by. It was definitely not my cup of tea so after 1 night off I was go explore the Mother City. As soon as I landed at Cape Town I knew I would love it… it was summer and there sky was blue with clear views of Table Mountain. It was quite windy and had an interesting experience with my chiffon dress been blown up as I walked (funny now but not as funny then :). 557758_10152223149725456_658065423_nAs I drove from the airport to my hostel I could feel that this would be a trip like no other. It had an appeal like one I have not heard before. As soon as I saw my cozy nice room with a perfect view of Table Mountain, I knew it was a good choice cutting my Johannesburg trip short :). I stayed at The Backpack. You get the whole package, convenient to walking to Long Street for a drink, V & A waterfront and perfect views 🙂 65370_10152247639630456_1922973714_n390265_10152247641135456_1496360499_nMy norm on a trip is to go to the bar and find new people to hang out with and know what places I need to add or scratch from my to do list. This time it was different, I took my day bag and started walking to V& A Waterfront. 263665_10152247639735456_1593071458_nCape Town is very walking friendly city which makes it so easy to explore the beauty of the Mother Land. 1239964_10151591713986456_609669553_nAs I passed the streets , peeked into the Muslim community in Bo Kaap with all the colorful buildings the more I got intrigued by the city.1150917_10151591723366456_1586882147_n For ease of moving around and getting exposure i bought the pass for the sightseeing bus. I love this concept since it is not your typical guided city tour. You choose where to go and how long to go. 599916_10152247643435456_894923808_nOne of my fave stops was Camps Bay. This is where you get to rub shoulders with the “who’s who”, but for me it was all about the beach and the lovely homes.542841_10152247643460456_327376906_n15097_10152247643400456_115882158_n Growing up I knew oceans were warm and got warmer during summer. My 1st reaction of people all sun bathing and no one in the water was like… strange people… I only later realized the water was freezing and actually was colder during summer. So just like all the people I thought were strange…i joined them and lay down to soak in some sun.

One day I wake up and it’s my Table Mountain day, while prepping for this trip I had decided to do some day hikes and what is better than Table Mountain but ohh yea seating at breakfast enjoying my ham and cheese bagel I look at pictures online of people at the top of the mountain and say “I can’t be all sweaty and tired, Cable Car it is” – I love my thinking so cool :).575297_10152247640585456_920592048_nIt was a good choice as I had an amazing time, met this girls who made my day and had my aerial views of CT that are just amazeballs. 579175_10152247640655456_551582405_n154346_10152247640635456_1514746854_nI never rent a car when traveling but with Cape Town getting even more beautiful when you get away from the city bowl. We needed a car; teamed up with Pilu a friend from Spain who we were in the same hostel and another from Belgium…we were jet off to explore further South. 526208_10152247641950456_341695907_nIt was while I was driving on Chapman’s Peak Drive that I totally and hopelessly fell in love. Let me try to put this is words – you are driving and on your right you have Table Mountain with great vegetation and on the other side you have the beautiful Atlantic ocean with its deep blue color and crashing waves… – I just fell deeper in love.72135_10152247641345456_646392410_nI had so many highlights in the past few weeks. I had never seen penguins before so when we got Boulders Beach, I was like a little kid excited and didn’t want to leave.575185_10152247641765456_650488159_n542719_10152247641820456_276921924_n Further down we finally got to the end of Africa at Cape Point where we got to see the convergence of the Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean.

It is one of the most dramatic views. Loved it.When we had to leave it was all for a good cause since we went to have Snoekies at Snoekies, Hout Bay.602661_10152247642605456_1409826526_nOne good thing of traveling is the friendships and connections you grow so fast. I have met people from all over and some we now feel like we have been friends for a lifetime.423030_10152247641270456_273148685_n With a couple friends we went to Kirstenbosch Gardens and just had a picnic of sorts as we enjoyed the grass, flowers and sunshine.

After a while of being on the go daily i decided to get out of town and head to a more serene non touristic spot. The Team House, Noordhoek Beach was just the perfect stop. 522360_10152247643755456_83326153_nI pretty hard the beach to myself and had a lovely house with great staff. It was here that I decided not sure when and how but 1 day I will come back and live in Cape Town. 542989_10152247643760456_1319166492_n483554_10152247643695456_1145064206_nYou cannot visit Cape Town and not indulge in a day of wine tasting.178973_10152247644470456_1525184310_n378785_10152247645595456_323515291_n I chose a trip with a couple of friends and went to Stellenbosch wine estates where we drunk and tasted different wines.

On top it off brandy and chocolate. It was a lovely way to end my vacation. 68409_10152247644970456_941989284_n

I left a part of me and carried part of Cape Town. It’s not goodbye but until next time.374473_10152247645565456_1210080054_n311182_10152247641005456_248457216_n

Happy Travels
– L-

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