Mancora Beach ? Sure, why not….

Its funny when you get excited over public holidays during vacations. When you are traveling for long periods you sometime forget you’re on holiday and when you have a 4 day weekend for Easter its all excitement with so many options of things to do. As you may know am living right on the beach in Pimentel but when Gina suggested 4 days of laziness on a different beach, there was no thinking twice. Mancora it was 🙂 . My friend is also visiting and so getting them to see something different is always a good thing.IMAG0792

There are lot of mixed reviews about Mancora, some people say its the cousin of Montanita in Ecuador, others says its just another beach others say just skip it and head straight to Ecuador. As a rule I read reviews but prefer to find out places based on my personal experience.IMAG0684 DSC06842 IMAG0683 DSC06857 DSC06839

As you may know by now,my love for beaches is more than special so Mancora was definitely not one of the best beaches but the last few days partying and enjoy the hot and white sand. There is non-stop stunning weather, for one thing and there’s a bohemian beachfront with golden sand and cobalt colored waters, for another.DSC06774 11102751_10152941854693580_4377923902094343169_n 1378838_10155338525140456_7516456712403821155_n

We opted to split up and stay in 2 different hostels to get the best of both worlds. a couple of us opted to stay at Misfit Guest House. The hostel is a bit removed from the centre but its perfect for those who wanna have their cake and eat it.IMAG0617

DSCN4216 IMAG0705 IMAG0675

We would join our friends staying at the infamous Loki Hostel where it was non stop partying and when we wanted to just chill we would head back to our guest house.IMAG0760 DSC06754 DSC06733 (2)

One of my highlights was the perfect Argentina steak at El Tabon Grill, once was not enough, I think I went there 3 times in 4 days. Living in a town where restaurants are open for lunch or dinner but never both, Mancora was like heaven. The number of restaurants to choose from made me wanna cry and eat way too much. A big Kiss from Papa Mo’s Milk Bar where fresh juices to kick start the day were a must.DSC06760 IMAG0663 IMAG0664


i am in love with sunsets here in North of Peru, Mancora did not disappoint with each day being totally different and spicing it up with rainbows as well. Vistas buena.IMAG0765 IMAG0768 IMAG0777 IMAG0772Laughter makes my heart grow larger, with friends like mine there are no dulll moments. A good thing with travel, is you don’t need years to build strong bonds, a shared night in a dorm room, seats together in a train or bus,  or just plain good old streets could be the start of great friendship.DSCN4182 DSCN4208 DSC06780 DSCN4203Being in Mancora reminded me why I belong by the ocean. Falling asleep to the sound of crashing waves and waking up to the smell of saltwater gives me a life clarity that cities can never provide. I leave Mancora with a warm sandy kiss, and for that reason, this little town was just the right amount of perfect.FotoFlexer_Photo3 DSC06873 (2)

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