Machu Picchu Comes Alive in 2015

There are no words no pictures that can clearly explain my feelings, emotions, sentiments all combined while I was exploring the magnificent Machu Picchu. DISCLAIMER – I had to put it out there1899678_10155237176585456_3402905370565429696_o

So there are 3 main traveler/ tourists types:-

1. Those who believe they are too good for glorified attractions.

2. Those who only visit land marks to check of their lists.

3. Those that lie in between.10429477_10152893578883580_5402013769193985414_n

To be honest I have moved around these 3 types and now lie in number 3 meaning when its deserved I do it. Machu Picchu for me is MUST do, going to Peru and choosing not to see it is just plain stupid Yes it is rather expensive, and yes they are way too many tourists and yes, Peruvians were ripped off by the British and Chileanos who now own the main train that does all the rides to Machu Picchu. All this facts withstanding, it is still a MUST DO.


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I was glad to have done my Machu Picchu trip with a real nice group of friends who we lived in North of Peru together. In my previous post I have given a rather detailed post on how to get to Machu Picchu. We arrived at about 6.30am and it was already rather active. Upon getting our guide who honestly would have done a better job but was alright. Having done a Univeirsty paper on Machu Picchu visiting it in person enabled me to really appreciate the building techniques, spirituality, and lifestyles of these ancient peoples that I knew theoretically.


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Machu Picchu location was chosen by purpose and was ideal to hide the Inca civilization from the Spanish conquerors. The architecture of Machu Picchu city especially the stone work is impressive with some walls were made of rectangular stones while others were composed of stones to fit together more like puzzle pieces. The stonework varied from uneven (the houses of the commoners) to absolutely perfect (the temples). 10997608_10155237051025456_8976697886945788181_o 11034948_10155237199070456_573550037341628731_o 10845766_10155237124215456_556788899327506906_o

Some of the interesting things our guide mentioned were the sun shining through a certain window on Sun Temple once every year in June. The architecture of the Incas was done so symmetrically that the temple was used as an observatory and constellation reader. The condor bird in the Temple of The condor was worshipped and was also used as a carrier of souls to the upper world when humans die.

Some of Machu Picchu Mind Blowing architecture:-

The pyramid of IntiwuatanaDSC01560The Main Temple11062788_10152893581568580_2658921542860457907_nThe Royal Tomb and The Temple of The Sun10317786_10155237035525456_1019247390570179863_oThe Sacred Plaza10360537_10152893580263580_3263324849512440128_nThe Temple of the Three Windows10457861_10152893581853580_5521497114428945513_nThe Sacred Rock11046628_10155237109150456_1751194998097795585_oThe Temple of the Condor18282_10152893586333580_6557087180419105015_nThe Main PlazaDSC01556The Sun Gate – We opted to take a short hike to the Sun Gate which was once the main entrance of Machu Picchu and setting up for lunch and chatting away was a nice highlight and climax for their day.




The ruins of Machu Picchu, this incredible man-made construction, evoke in me ambivalent feelings. I am half overwhelmingly impressed with the awesomeness of their creation. All I can say is Machu Picchu is a mind-blowing accomplishment.11046583_10155237082010456_73762040723498051_o

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