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There are few attractions on Earth that can be found on every single travelers bucket list, and visiting the Great Pyramids is one of them. It is hard to explain the magical feel you get where you get to 1st hand see this  “mans creation” that is so grand yet so noble.DSC00254A couple years back my friend and I visited Egypt in a bid to accomplish our own individual bucket lists one destination at a time. Let’s just say  we weren’t the smartest people as we chose the worst time possible Summer + Ramadhan. I love the sun and the heat but 47℃ in dessert Cairo was no joke. Till to date, it holds the record of my worst sunburn. Having left from Kuala Lumpur, we had a 24 hour layover in Bahrain which gave us a nice welcome to Middle East.

We opted to stay quite close to the Pyramids as that was really our main reason for visiting Cairo. The hotel had views of the pyramids and when we checked in at night the exploring started. Sitting in the clear night chatting away as we waited for our adventures to start was best way to start the trip.

We had our personal tour guide Ahmed who we had been communicating with and he had our entire stay planned out to the T. 1st stop lets dive right into the pyramids. We were lucky not to find long queues at the entrance and really got to see the day unfold from quite early. Being the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World that is still standing makes it worth while a visit. But with all things this amazing there is always the risk of disappointment.


DSC00239For me nothing could have prepared me well enough, it is much more than the sheer size and audacity of the pyramids but its the history behind it. It is estimated that the Great Pyramid alone is made up of more than 2.5 million individual stones, each weighing in excess of 6000 pounds (2727 kg). Those stones were individually crafted to fit into the overall structure, and help make it one of the most impressive construction projects ever undertaken. When it was completed in 2560 BC, the Great Pyramid was easily the tallest building on the planet, and it remained so until the construction of the Eiffel Tower in Paris in 1895. That means for nearly 4500 years, it reigned supreme. This having been done by man with no machinery and no all the advance equipment we have is nothing but mid blowing.10401020_80437980315_4631_n


By mid morning the place was a buzz with people selling souvenirs , offering “gifts” which you end up paying for and offering you secret views and guides. As much as this could get abit too much we did not resist agreeing to a camel ride within the desert. This was a fun way to try and visualize ourselves 1000 years back where people traveled miles on end with all their belongings on their camel.

We then proceed further in to get great views of the Sphinx and the pyramids together before taking a tour into one of the pyramids. This is not for the claustrophobic, it dark, its tiny and you literally crouch to get in and like the museum photography is prohibited. Once inside there pretty isn’t much since everything has been moved to museums around the world for preservation.

We later went to the Pyramid of Djoser (stepped pyramid. It is rather different as it has a central feature of a vast mortuary complex in an enormous courtyard surrounded by ceremonial structures and decoration. This was our last stop before going to breakfast (end of fasting for the day) at Khan Khalili Bazaar and doing the perfume factory tour.


It may be the most touristy thing but one that should not be crossed of the list but rather highlighted.

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