LIFE is better at the beach !!!!

It was Wednesday evening last week when my fiend text and said “We are 6, Diani is a go” and at that point I knew my weekend would be awesome. I have always told my mum I was meant to be born on a hipster island where all I had to do was serve people amazing foods to cure hangovers and cocktails to give them hangovers :). DSCN0197Well I was born and raised miles away from the beach and hence my love for coastal getaways. This past weekend 5 of my friends and I did a 4 day weekend on Galu Beach, Diani. I can for sure say Diani is and always will be the most beautiful beach in Kenya. From my last trip in Lamu I know I was all about its serenity, I still agree it has its charm but for your good old “life’s a beach” getaway, Diani takes the crown 🙂DSCN0008
The awesome weekend started with a quick flight thanks to Air Kenya’s good offer to me and Andrea. This time I opted for a very relaxed, small and intimate B&B right on the beach. Kenyaways Kite Village was 1strecommended by a colleague a couple months ago and my sister was my guinea pig in mid October during her sky dive adventure. My sister who is rather a picky on her accommodation gave a thumbs up and so I knew I would love it 🙂DSCN0208CAM00017cf10c-10500410_579143565542145_6160079501754744204_nWell the bar man was not there and we started off our day with Malibu and orange juice. I love being on vacation since ordering a cocktail right after breakfast is just normal. No wasting time we jump into our bikinis and start soaking in the well deserved sun. The day was not too hot about 25 – 31 degrees with humidity of 60%. The bar man arrived and we set off on Tequila Sunrise and Pina Colada’s for the rest of the day.DSCN0049DSCN0021 The aim for the weekend was to perfect the art of doing nothing and just be on happy beach high :). My main travel partner Andrea was juts super cool.. we literally maintained our goals which included yoga, arm work outs, beach jog, getting smashed and being super happy 🙂

I won’t even talk about the Haloween party as we ended up being the few lame ones who had no costumes at a Halloween party :). Well one of the nights we opted to go to Forty Thieves bar as no Diani vacay is complete without a visit there. The place is much nicer now and we had a great sundowner and dinner. Being so tired after a long day of doing nothing we retied early and missed the party moments ..hahaha



Sundowner at Forty Thieves

As you may notice I seem to talk about food at each post ..well am a foodie and I love good food. Madafoo Beach Bistro really outdid themselves when it came to food;  every meal each one of us had was amazing and we tried to change dishes at each meal time. They are definitely really good at salads and the stacked crab salad was not only delicious to the mouth but to the eye as well. The nacho grande, prawn and avocado salad, feta and cinnamon samosas, fajitas were all very divine.


Stacked crab salad


Dining on the beach 🙂

It was unfortunate of the 4 days one days was spend on the lounge as it poured for a straight 24 hours , we woke up to a storm and remained hopeful but by 2pm we gave up and decided savanna ciders, white wine, cocktails, shisha, social media would be our new beach.. it was actually a pleasant day in its own obscure way 🙂


Relaxing with hookah at the lounge during a storm

So after great walks on the beach, yoga poses, goofy selfies, post work our pool dips, drinks bill shock and chit chats with the hosts and staff it was time to pack and get back home and work. So long farewell beach, till next time 🙂


Faces of Beauty, Joy and Happiness 🙂

Happy Travels

~ Lea ~

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