LIFE AT 4,000mts – Copacabana , Bolivia

I am really having a great time being this up high.. can I say I feel taller ;). Ciao Peru for now and bienvenido a Bolivia.11149260_10155430461025456_7528497573986237726_n Copacabana is at the border of Peru and Bolivia and only 3 hours from La Paz. This should not be confused with its famous counterpart in Brazil. This is not to say it does not have is own charming vibes brought out by its tranquil vibe, vibrant colours and awesome views. 11173345_10155430479275456_2759604025980183589_n Copacabana being a very small destination can be done as a day trip or one can opt for an awesome experience of staying over on the island. I opted for a day trip with a private Bolivian woman guide who spend my entire stay with me.

I chose this to able to practice my Spanish and at the same time get a better feel of the place through this local lady. As soon as I got of the bus and was welcomed by the vibrant colours and the warmth of the people, I knew this would be a well spent day. 11182061_10155430466830456_3981095005885073954_nThere a few charming things in Copacabana that are unique and divine, one great spot which was to tough a hike for lazy me is the aerial view of Copacabana from the station of the cross walk.


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If you have time and some sort of fitness book your ferry later and trek up for some divine views. The Basilica is also a another great spot just like most cities here in South America. My love and intrigue for colorful cities was definitely pleased as I walked the streets, dining and shopping for some souvenirs.10982867_10155430453290456_7095728929201728939_o10669297_10155430453040456_7653956867682827535_o11194459_10155430456900456_2243283836804868861_o11128680_10155430453190456_7479478967143736525_oThe main attraction in Copacabana is definitely the Isla Del Sol which means the Sun Island.10423695_10155430474245456_5571867526532272641_n So it was time to leave the charming town and as we took off and the little town started to fade off and I knew good things lay ahead. 11061197_10155430457805456_5370718990720416938_o11150666_10155430464740456_3251395511816131947_n11182061_10155430466830456_3981095005885073954_nAs soon as we got to the Island,  we got some water and started our ascend..10985881_10155430472260456_7106471009449549074_n This is a place where you live  your city essentials and get down to serious earth connection, no noise, rubbish, motorized noise and obviously no WIFI. 10530732_10155430476190456_4697585803834455618_nIf you enjoy a spot of hiking and breathtaking views, you can walk the circumference of the island in a day.DSCN0721Its recommended to stay the night and since reservation do not exist here you get here and walk into the “hospedjaes” and one of them will have a basic room for you with nice home cooked meals. We started off with the 206 stone steps (believe me – you will feel every single one of them!), built by the Incas.11182199_10155430474180456_7175218090495396238_n They lead up into the town and to a sacred fountain, made up of three separate springs and are said to be the fountain of youth.10402941_10155430476840456_5403264706574386793_n With its sacred beliefs of God Viracocha, creator of the universe having emerged from the waters of Lake Titicaca and created the sun thus the name of Island.

I gotta say the ruins were rather underwhelming but for all the magnificent views I’d had all day i really had no complains. 10847981_10155430493530456_8269567203874732772_n11067982_10155430490555456_1091485655474062665_n11188484_10155430494360456_1083817236043115111_nI went back to my ferry and lost myself in thoughts, of God, calmness, life and the beauty of it all. 11193337_10155430481405456_5979066605801452342_nWP_20150422_053Happy Travels,

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