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The current security situation in my lovely Kenya hurts me so deep to a point where it physically hurts. For me it’s much worse that most people, not only does the thought of leaving home to take a matatu (public bus), going to markets make you think twice before you do it but also that my sole satisfaction from my work is selling Kenya as a perfect destination and with the attacks this becomes harder and harder each day.
10390365_10154101090685456_5979163402594933635_n.jpgI have made a conscious decision to ensure the bad bad terrorists do not rule my life and make live in fear. I have chosen to take back the power in my hands and live my life as a Happy Kenyan. That been said, this past weekend so a number of governments ask all their people to evacuate Kenya, as much as it pained me, I chose not to cancel my brief vacation to Lamu on the Kenyan Coast.
10155247_10154101091315456_6139504214426624561_nIt was obvious of the situation when I checked in for my flight and see it was a 12 seat caravan with only 8 of them going to the same place. We all gave each other the knowing smile of “You took a brave step to do this”. As soon as we landed and the warm slightly humid salty air filled my lungs gone was the worry. I knew this had been the right thing to do.
10347242_10154101092315456_7624931427724165189_n10366119_10154101093095456_2162078463166890022_nI mostly travel solo but this one was particular more solo than any trip I have taken alone. I stayed at a beautiful Lamu house called Msafini Hotel. I was the only guest at the hotel and they all adorned me for my entire stay.

On Saturday morning I awoke to the smell of ginger tea and a Swahili breakfast served on my enormous balcony. It was the best way to start what was to be a day of perfection.
10339669_10154101092725456_6484720516775207565_n.jpgAnchor is lifted and I am welcomed aboard DikDik Sailing boat. My captain was Harun and co captain Mohamed (Arola). The Swahili men all seem to be called Mohamed but have nicknames to distinguish them. They gave me a brief history of Lamu and started on the great fishing stories of catching tuna and some fish that take hours to get on the boat.
1014293_10154101090890456_1728527088268563901_n10174967_10154101091025456_6629897735266490130_n10269409_10154101090965456_7045135499904530025_n10403080_10154101091165456_3249601816607275743_nMy first thought on fishing was this is going to be such a bore, but it turned out the suspense of reeling the fish and wondering what you caught was such a thrill. Harun was 1st to get a red snapper then Arola with 2 yellow snappers, just when I thought I wouldn’t get one, I captured a white snapper.
10171783_10154101091115456_205403664708711449_n10371392_10154101091235456_5120466342612838303_nDSCN6334By the time we run out of bait (tiny little beach crabs) we had caught 7 fish and were now sailing to Manda Beach where we would have our fresh snapper bbq. As the crew prepared lunch I indulged myself in getting soaked in the sun and some swimming.

Having a perfect read about vacations whilst on vacation was so cool. I totally love Mauve Binchy all her Irish writings capture my soul.10346300_10154101091585456_7734282294106135188_n10262196_10154101091540456_8905564793254016120_n10368230_10154101091485456_1146694542115987866_n
Lunch was served and we sat on Manda Island in the middle of nowhere and had this amazing fish, chapatti and a salad. My thoughts were I wouldn’t mind to be stuck on this island, imagine a day of fishing, eating and swimming. Heaven, right?

My evenings were filled with yoga stretches and poses, reading and a glass or 2 of wine.. I really love being on holiday. You have so much time that you get to really enjoy the little joys in life that brings you the most happiness.

It was now time to explore Lamu town..literally walking into a town where it felt like they had missed a century and operated in more ways than one , like an island in the 50’s.10370970_10154101089685456_2000860430467894849_n10246571_10154101093100456_7103953896162338924_n
The fort was my 1ststop, here the guide took me along the things he perceived to have brought Lamu to where it is now. Religion, culture, oneness are thing he repeatedly mentioned.. he talked about his family and his parents family and how they have seen Lamu grow. It was all so great to listen to.

As we proceeded to Lamu Museum, I got the chance to live it up like a local and ride a donkey. It was scary and exciting at the same time. I felt a bit sad for the donkey as it’s quite small but has to ferry people, luggage and so much stuff across the island.10277911_10154101093510456_8694712363709040154_n1557736_10154101093395456_864520750206523623_n
The people in Lamu were all so kind and warm towards me, it was really nice having everyone wanting to help you out or just chat with you. I had a nice Swahili man who ferried me from Shela to Lamu and was happy to show me unique stops like the floating bar where the locals go to hang out especially during the full moon. He even taught me to drive the speed boat, I actually became pretty good at steering it.10370451_10154101093860456_924175215836387048_n10175024_10154101093695456_4661183919558793908_n984072_10154101093790456_1359133153529114580_n
As my time to came to an end, I could not put away the feeling of wanting to stay here and just eat fresh and cheap sea food and sail away. I honestly think I should consider a cruise or sailing job.DSCN6288 The sea loves me and I love it more!!!
10340155_10154101091410456_2729719506737728172_n.jpgHappy Travels
– L-

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