Giving Back!!

Sometimes it’s not about booking a flight and going some far far place in wonderland. It’s about doing something that will bring joy to your soul. Well, this time I joined some volunteers at a day in a children centre. This centre is catered for the less fortunate kids who have no parents or whose parents cant afford to take them to school. They come here get some little education, a meal for lunch and get to be children in a safe and loved centre.
DSCN4090.JPGDSCN4140.JPG I got to say I am not the best person when it come to kids, my patience runs very thin with them but on this day, alternating from painting fences and gates to playing with doing some sorting beans and corn with the mama’s for the kids lunch.
DSCN4069DSCN4087DSCN4082DSCN4079Limuru Children Centre – Kenya is a day care centre where the children from the village have open doors for them to come get education and a lunch time dish. They generally have children from ages 4 to 8 and categorize them into 2 sets for teaching purposes’.
Our day at the centre was mainly to help with teaching, redoing the paint work and just getting to know the kids and share in the innocent love.DSCN4095.JPG
DSCN4121DSCN4093DSCN4103The kids are so warm and open up to you with a big heart and are so open to learning as much as you are willing to give.DSCN4141DSCN4138
We were able to have the Gates fully done by the end of the day 🙂

It was definitely a good experience to play games and sing songs I played years ago when I was just their age.  DSCN4060DSCN4111
“The innocence of children is what makes them stand out as shinning example to the rest of mankind” – Kurt Chambers
Be As Happy As a Kid
– L-

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