Faces of Maasai Mara

I was once again in Maasai Mara over the weekend. Some people ask me if I never get bored of going to see the same thing all the time? but my response is the same. It is NEVER the same. You will see lions but they will be different , you will feel different, there is always something unique to each trip.

This trip was sponsored and facilitated by Asilia Africa. Teamed up with a couple of other travel consultant we went to see their properties and chat all this tourism. It was very pleasant. We spent the night at Encounter Mara and had divine food and quality of service.IMG_5018 IMG_5017

This blog will be dedicated to the Faces of the Animals that make every safari WORTH it.

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Watch my 1st attempt at video :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVUT1VvWvUM

Happy Faces


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