El Carnaval de Cajamarca 2015

It’s February and with that comes carnival month. In many different parts of the world February/ March are the months for the carnivals. So here in Peru all roads head to Cajamarca. It is 6 hours by night bus from Chiclayo and together with 15 party people Gina and Beatrice my power girls included we are off to the carnival.


It runs for 1 month with the main event been 1 week long. We have chosen to arrive Saturday morning for the water and paint section of the festival followed by parades on Sunday. With no hotel bookings as hotels are full we against better judgment follow our Peruvian who told us her “cousin” who turned to be “friend” would host us. Well as expected here we are 6am on the streets with no accommodation. So with a bunch of 16 gringos no one is willing to even open the doors. We decide to split up and Gina, Beatrice and I finally get a tiny single room and we make do there.


After a nap it’s time to join the carnival, armed with waterproof cases for our phones we head into the Plaza de Armas where it is the safe zone. Getting there proofs abit more challenging but fun. We meet up with the other chicas who have had their share of water and paint fun. We decided to join a group of people singing, dancing and drinking and it was so much fun.







There are no boundaries, people always seem intrigued by me and want to chat but this was on a different level, they would walk up to me have some pleasantries about my origins and how far it is from Peru and after they have had enough, they request for a photo with me and literally a min after just splurge my hair and face with paint. There were a few guys who went a step further and offered us drinks as we strolled through the city.





The evening was much calmer and with an elevation of 3,000mts it got pretty chilly. With food stalls, music and vendors selling artifacts it was nice walking without fear of being drenched.




The second day of the carnival started off with my friend Beatrice getting drenched by some little boys who felt they didn’t have enough of the water play the day before. This resulted to my iPhone getting soaked and in water and ruined Gasp!!!!:(

Well after second attempt we finally made it to the square but it was insanely crowded, with almost everyone gathering at the centre to get a glimpse of the parades and dealing with light rains it was very over whelming.




After a few hours of watching the parade we opted to head to the Inka baths (Baños del Inkas)where we 5 goddesses went to get a hot baths before heading for higher altitudes. 10993445_10152834963318580_5034712472404685426_n



Did I mention its my Birthday today and I went to some attractions outside Cajamarca for the day. I will be writing about taht soon enough.

It coincided with valentines and I got a big corazon

It coincided with valentines and I got a big corazon

Feliz Cumpleaños para mi


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