If I had to pick a Peruvian city that was a must visit I would say Cusco, yes it is super touristic and you will seldom walk for a couple meters before meeting a bunch of backpackers or tourists. That however does not take away from the beauty and authenticity of the people of Cusco. I am sure you have seen the typical picture of the indigenous Peruvians, the ladies with the colorful attires and the little babies is pouch behind their moms with innocent eyes looking at the world with so many expectations.

DSC01756Cusco is generally visited before or after Machu Picchu, I personally suggest visit it after Machu Picchu due to the altitude differences, Machu Picchu is lower than Cusco city hence it prepares you for the high altitude you will expect in Cusco.DSC01721

Cusco for me was the time I chose to really chill and just enjoy the magnificent views of a city placed at 3,400m above sea level. The mountain ranges surrounding the city are just impeccable. I remember my friend Gina saying “how many time will you keep saying “Oh My God, this is beautiful, am in love”” That would be a true definition of my experience in Cusco. My time here was filled with strolls around Plaza de Armas with the brisk fresh air and chill on my face, having coffee in the day and cocktails in the evening at Bagdad Café.11050993_10155231846030456_419804442_n (1)DSC01742DSC01755

A highlight of my time in Cusco was when Daniel who we had parted ways for different adventures had learned the lyrics to my fave song for now and with his own personality he sung away Riptide by Vance Joy. I have never seen myself blown away almost to tears, this song reminded me of my friends at home that had done a video of the same and now 2 people I have met miles away are now playing it to me.DSC01829

With no actual plans for our time in Cusco we took one evening and opted to go meet Jesus as we saw the view of Cusco from above. Being able to see the little road where we were staying from above and not being sure what was what such a pleasant chilled afternoon was.DSC01802

DSC01799.JPGSacsayhuamán is one of the places visited mainly when in Cusco, for me I love the pronunciation since you got to say it as “sexywoman” well after Machu Picchu I felt it would be an anticlimax so we skipped it but passed by right outside for a sneak pic. Well US$ 43 entry fees I am glad I passed, I think if you do Cusco before Machu Picchu and you are really keen on ruin then it would be a good stop.DSC01818DSC01819

One afternoon we heard it was market day and where else would be a place to go try all kinds of food but the market. Rhian and I headed to San Pedro market and tried a couple of things we had read of. Cuy – guinea pig is very common here and as much as I am open to trying new food, pet looking animals can’t and SHOULD not be eaten so we kept it smile and tried some interesting dishes like chicharones – fried pork and ceviche served in a plastic cup.. so much excitementDSC01732DSC01734

After days of enjoying life on the Andeans highs it’s time for the itchy feet to keep moving.

DSC01808.JPGUntil next time. xoxox


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