The Rift Valley Festival 2014

I love Festivals!!! The idea of music lovers, art lovers, outdoor lovers, young at heart, party lovers and all those who know how to live it up coming together for a couple of days to get soaked in sun, music, art and fun is Amazeballs.The Rift Valley Festival is all about celebrating the rich culture of

Why Travel Means the World to Me

I like to write about where I’ve been, what I liked and other aspects of the traveling experience. Today I take small step back and express the real reason why the urge to pack the backpack and get on the road is an unquenchable thirst. Importance of Happiness My mum makes a joke every time

The Animal Kingdom

Literally and figuratively speaking Kenya is the ultimate Animal Kingdom. Over the weekend I had yet another chance to immerse myself in the vast immaculate Maasai Mara located South West Kenya. Some people have asked me if I don’t get bored going one too many times to the same place and my answer is always

Giving Back!!

Sometimes it’s not about booking a flight and going some far far place in wonderland. It’s about doing something that will bring joy to your soul. Well, this time I joined some volunteers at a day in a children centre. This centre is catered for the less fortunate kids who have no parents or whose

Lamu Tamu

The current security situation in my lovely Kenya hurts me so deep to a point where it physically hurts. For me it’s much worse that most people, not only does the thought of leaving home to take a matatu (public bus), going to markets make you think twice before you do it but also that

Meet Baraka The Blind Rhino

My name is Baraka, I am a blind Rhino. I live in the Great Ol Pejeta Conservancy. Like my fellow rhinos, I like to play but I got injured and lost my sight. Don’t be sad life is good for me. I have very many friends who visit me and feed me, pet me, pose

My Leopard Encounter

I know I mentioned in my previous post that I had not seen a cheetah and leopard in close range after more than 9 safaris. This encounter with the  leopard was breathtaking, the leopard walked alongside our vehicle for 150 meters. After this we did get to see the Tsavo elephants that supposedly very different from

Amboseli – The Ellie Park

  The one great thing of visiting Kenya for your African safari is the diversity of the parks, conservancies and reserves. I would like to imagine there is a park for each person. Amboseli National Park is one of those parks in Kenya where you get a 3 in one safari, you get your normal

Lakes Lakes Lakes!!!

  In the last few weekends, unknowingly I have heard a Lake craving and have done short trips to different Lakes in Kenya. The interesting thing they are within 2 hour drive distance from each other but they are also different. One of the most exciting things for me is always the 1st stop when heading to

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