Bliss at the Dubai Creek

“The Dubai Creek used to be the central hub of activity for the Emirate, and as this started to change, the Creek has become where Dubai’s legacy truly lives.” says Stephan Vanden Auweele, General Manager for Sheraton Dubai Creek set on the edge of the Creek.2016-02-14-14-49-29-132

Dubai is well known of its crazy sky scrapers and ultra modern buildings and really just being like a movie set of perfection. I don’t know who else feels the same way but i felt something was missing some character some realness some authenticity. Dubai Creek put the human aspect to Dubai. I decided this place was the best place to spend my Valentine’s Day. My lovely cousin lives in Dubai and I was glad to pull her away from her busy schedule and take her with me.


We took the metro from Marina to Deira and then walked to the Deira Abra Stop. Abras are the local means of transport for crossing the creek in traditional style mini wooden boats.  As soon as you get to the creek you feel transported back to what Dubai was before all the high rises. I am a sucker for color- The Abras stuck out immediately, they are only 1Dhs which is super cool and felt tempted to spend my day just crossing the creek. You could alternatively opt for the touristic cruise but I think the Abras have a lovely local vibe plus they are sooo cute
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The Deira Souk is a haven for shopping you can get pretty much anything ranging from spices, gold, textiles and many more interesting items. Once we got off the abra we headed directly into the souks to do some shopping and it was good to have Faith with me as she did all the bargaining as I waited like a little child.


My absolute favorite time obviously was when we saw this little cafes along the creek that gave you beautiful views of the abras crossing, the ships loading and unloading in the background all while listening to the birds chirping and market chatter in the distance.


As we sat down and laughed and chatted away having not seen each other in years we realized it was getting dark and had not gone into Bastakiya quarter we hurriedly went to see what could be seen before darkness crept in. 2016-02-14-19-05-33-969


With darkness coming in the creek brought out a different billowy feel that brings so many lovely feeling. After a lovely day we hoped on the abra for a ride back to Bur Dubai and returned to the Marina and met a friend for dinner and that just completed a lovely day of love.



How did you spend you Valentine’s Day?



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