It’s My Birthday

So it that time of the year where most people are buying roses for their loved ones, doing the most cliche Valentine gestures and in Kenya its that time where people paint the town red (literally you will see hundred of people in red.32162_10152536552680456_1427552575_n For me this is a different time where I celebrate that glorious day that I joined this amazing world (most days its the glorious world on others  – damn this world  jajaja). So this yeah I opt to get out of Nairobi and so some camping with some work colleagues. So we all have to the great party. 521432_10152536551630456_1087260073_n537095_10152536551050456_1882668928_nSo night before camping was  a nice great party organised by the Spanish Speaking society.. nice night it was.

So its Saturday morning 16th February and its now my birthday, up and early I meet my friends for my camping birthday. So 1st stop is breakfast at Michelangello Recreation Haven. 166697_10152536563610456_249127251_n427286_10152536564660456_883682497_nIt is located 30 minutes from Nairobi city center on the highway to a number of parks. They have a bird viewing deck which doubles up as sundowner deck.. we didn’t stay for that but i bet it must be amazing.

So we drive on to Punda Milias Nakuru Camp in Lake Elementaita which is where I actually celebrate my camping birthday.

The Camp is a small intimate nicely priced place run by this French couple where I go for my rest and relaxation:) This time I have opted to set up camp and enjoy the stars in the out of city beautiful night.IMG_1246IMG_1216IMG_1238 So there those things that just add spice to life.. dancing gangnam style in the bush and being busted doing your make whilst seating in a 2 man dome tent hahaha. 527930_10152536576245456_1837766660_nAnd for a pattern I see building leave me alone in room, place now tent and my vanity kicks in lol.

All in all I had a great birthday, with great friends who make each day worth a good laugh.IMG_1104IMG_1108 xoxo

– L-

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