Back in the Andes – Cumbe Mayo

It was time to be touristy and explore the outskirts of Cajamarca. Up up we went to an elevation of 3,500mts, it was a chilly afternoon and with no pre knowledge of what to expect we got cold. This did not stop us from killer smiles and exploring the Pre Inca attractions of Cumbemayo.DSCN9856 10991304_10152834920478580_3161815387645794464_n DSCN9916

Cumbe Mayo is actually a stone forest that produces silhouettes of pious friars and hence popularly called “frailones”. As we walked around with our guide we encountered caves and shelters and huge cliffs and engravings .10411130_10152834921448580_843253795395854084_n DSCN9897 10945557_10152834956428580_2304638354700868983_n 11008398_10152834924208580_6707796600781989201_n 10984478_10152834923263580_5999484514733307211_n

There is also a 9 km pre Inca Aqueduct that was carefully carved in volcanic rock to divert the water from the hills to cultivation fields and a large reservoir.DSCN9945 DSCN9946 DSCN9947

Although the stone forests and ancient ruins of pre-Incan society give the area a beautiful and almost spiritual dimension, it is hard to overlook Cajamarca’s tragic history, as the location where Spanish forces slaughtered the Incas, thousands of years after Cumbe Mayo was constructed.10991223_10152834918873580_505952062248501238_n

DSCN9964GuguguguIt was a great way to finish the escapades of Cajamarca and as the sunset and darkness and city  filled the city we called it a night and left.10363686_10152834918333580_624652586962739196_n

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