Phuket, The Pearl of The Andaman

  When you here Phuket you think of the idyllic beaches, blue water and heaven on other.. then you say well Photoshop exists. But seriously Phuket is really the Pearl of the Andaman Sea. Disclaimer, you must however know how to navigate and maximize on the heaven down there:) Well I will give my 2 cents on how to explore Phuket. Unless you are booking an

My Leopard Encounter

I know I mentioned in my previous post that I had not seen a cheetah and leopard in close range after more than 9 safaris. This encounter with the  leopard was breathtaking, the leopard walked alongside our vehicle for 150 meters. After this we did get to see the Tsavo elephants that supposedly very different from

Amboseli – The Ellie Park

  The one great thing of visiting Kenya for your African safari is the diversity of the parks, conservancies and reserves. I would like to imagine there is a park for each person. Amboseli National Park is one of those parks in Kenya where you get a 3 in one safari, you get your normal

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