So the last few months my little home has been in a small ton North of Peru, Pimentel. I am volunteering at ASI a German students for students volunteer program. Living in this beautiful but very isolated area doesn’t offer us much to do and hence the organization has a themed BBQ every fortnight where its open to the volunteers and also the locals. Its a time to dress up, drink and make merry the Peruvian way.

This evening were a compilation of singing to all the reggaeton tunes you learned in the week , practicing your Spanish with the flirty surfer boys and getting you salsa classes up for test. It is a joy looking forward to the Tuesday where they announce the theme for the next BBQ. Here are a few of my fave BBQ’s that I got to be a part of and was sober enough to take some pics.

Bad Taste BBQ

This was my 1st BBQ back in January , it was an interesting affair as my Spanish at  that point was non existent. This did not stop us from having a great a time. I remember chatting with Peruvian girl all night and waking the following morning where we both figured that she spoke no English and I spoke no Spanish but had one of the best time together. 10942417_10155063138385456_3779171611575864112_n.jpg


Carnaval BBQ

February is month most of the world best Carnivals and hence after we returned from Cajamarca carnival celebration it was nice to have a BBQ party to continue the celebrations. For a reason I can now not remember Hjalte and I decided to switch our skin tones where he became black and I white – it was hilarious.. The water games and the good vibes made it all the more exciting SAM_2679


Technada BBQ

After months of listening to Latin tunes of Cumbia and Reggaeton we needed to connect with good music and opted to have a night where we block off our love for Latin tunes and return to the roots of real party music. We did not forget our surroundings and incorporated empanadas to the BBQ making our great party name  – Technada DSCN0157

Video Game Hero BBQ

it was now time to connect with our younger selves and party dressed in costumes of our Video Game super heroes. If you know me in any small way you should know I suck at all kind of sports be it real or video. However when I was young i loved packman. It was easy to play and required no brain effort which is my jam. So we donned our outfits and partied away. DSCN9720

The Nerdy BBQ

I can’t remember the birth of this theme but most people had traveled and we were just a few who were around but this did not stop us. We let our geeky and nerdyselves out and brought out math books just incase we needed some extra reason to study. We were nice to bring our non nerdy friends who didn’t like the books but loved the nerdy company lol.


Summer BBQ

The temperatures are strating to drop and we need to remind ourselves why we all moved to Peru so we gotta bring our summer clothes and party like its summer.


The 80’s / 90’s BBQ

It was now time to go centuries back to a time where we partied and dressed like The Spice girl’s and other 80’s rock stars.



Splish Splash BBQ
This BBQ was a collaboration with our Italian babes birthday,  Giulia. It was all about the pool, the water and loads of cake


So much gratitude to the ASI family, Buenas Ola’s chicos and the students for making our Thursday so much joy. At this point I think I have only 1 or 2 more BBQ’s before its time to leave South America. But its definitely been do much fun being part of this parties

Buenas Vibras – Good Vibes



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