Acampar en Bosque El Cañoncillo

The last couple months have been a great roller coaster with a lot of different friends from all over. As I sit here seeing the grey sea teasing me in dark humour I feel there has been 2 distinct lifes; 1. party, surfing, beach, Pimentel life which was full integral with locals and everyone involved. 2. the other one was the travel part which was inclined to us the extranjeros( foreigners) who were keen to explore as much as possible. Thinking of the times when I am home and I meet travelers who know cool places in my country i have no idea of or I haven’t had the chance to see. This inspired me to finish my stay here by introducing really easy and cheap camping with all our surfer boys, host families, friends and friends and family of friends and family invited 🙂_MG_3259DSC08045

Thank God for Facebook, with an event all set up we happily went to the bus station to get our nice bus to to Bosque El Cañoncillo. As the life rules would show all buses were fully booked with only 5 seats available. So change of plans we all piled up into a crumbed “combi” and headed 2 hours away from our little haven. It was an exciting ride with bag packs bigger than  the carriers and excitement running through everyone.

It was funny as some of us had been there before and were “leading” the way and all the peruanos doubting our skills lol. It was such a relief when we rolled into the woods and knew our adventure was just about to start. So the trek began upto where we would pitch our tents and jump into the lake for a cool down.

The one thing I love about camping is that it brings out the happiest moments and vibes of everyone.

It was great to see some people drop their bags and jump in for a swim. The water was nicely cooled inviting you to jump in.

Loli who was the star of our trip, she was the most behaved and well trained dog that I saw here in Peru, she understands a couple languages and is friendly and “polished” hahaha.  – I know yea she really is – Look how adorable she can be._MG_3378IMG_0129For some ensuring bags were packed and tents were pitched up was key while others the football was out and the game began. In the midst of all this we had some visitors. The goats make such a nice contrast to the back ground and man on the horse doing his thing was just the icing on the top. IMG_0118IMG_3559IMG_3579

The no schedule that comes with camping is great, about 2pm and the brown rum and maracuya (passion juice) was already circulating.

The day went by pretty fast and exciting. Claire was a darling when she prepared the one salad that I love and live on – super basic – onions, tomatoes, avaocado, queso fresco .. super fresh and cool. Samuel went all in getting the fire roaring. He did a pretty awesome job I gotta say.IMG_3420Bonfire chats between old and new friends will never grow old, it only makes you heart grow with love and your skin to glow 😉IMG_0014DSCN5557And so we chatted away and thanks to our in house (camp) photographer we got the best camera tricks that combined with the lil crazy in us made it all more exciting._MG_3470

At this point it was starting to down to me that in a month this family of mine will be spread around the globe. I held on to my tears and flood of emotions and continued to party the night away.

A new day dawned to us and we craved for more adventure and excitement and so we packed and started our second 1 hour trek to a larger lake and some great sands for some sand sports.

But before we were all packed Mario and Alejandro went all in with the capoeira moves, its so exciting how they flow smoothly and its a shame I met this 2 awesome guy way late, this would have been a great art to learn. So since I cant do such moves here was mine  – a compilation on The Jump – my physical depiction of me at my happiest hours.

So as we trekked around enjoying the great trees and sand hills it reminded me of why I love the great outdoors. IMG_0128_MG_3640Photo Jul 05, 1 04 19 PMUpon arriving at the lake the clear blue waters were screaming for us to jump in and so we did. Photo Jul 05, 2 44 55 PMIMG_0138IMG_0140Faces peaking out of the water looking refreshed and visibly enjoying it is always a great thing to capture.

Thank God for wandering souls like PyBe for he discovered the a place where we newbies would get a hand at trying out sand boarding. This is definitely one of my highlights here in Peru, as much as surfing is great looks amazing and has the best crew , it was just not my sport so when I took the board and took over the sand hills it was amazing. Me being me I run and called the rest to come try and we had a sand boarding crew.


All the swimming and sand boarding got us tired and so after some more salads and chilling we started our journey back. This may not have been a trip recommended on lonely planet but it was definitely high up on my South America experiences.11707796_1173418352684394_5588803732218952863_n

May my last weeks be full of amazing memories that will forever live with me.


Mucho amor amigos






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