Here’s what Walk With Lea is ALL about

Are you tired of liking peoples travel posts on social media as you procrastinate your own travel plans?

Great. I am here to motivate you in to hitting on the road.

Snow in Germany


Now that you are ready to start or increase your travel plans. Here is what to expect in my posts.

  • I will give you a real representation of my travel destinations in all aspects
  • I will share pictures to kick start your wanderlust
  • I will highlight must do things in different destinations
  • I will provide off the beaten track activities
  • I will provide hotel, restaurant and food reviews
  • I will have “How to” posts on different destinations
  • A travel service page will provide you with you travel consultancy needs

Behind the screen is Lèa Wanjaria. I am a food and sun lover on a never ending quest to experience new places, people and food as much as I can. This blog began as a personal travel journal to write down my thoughts, experiences, crazy stories of weird foods and funny people in hope to keep me occupied and entertained upon turning 60 years. After years of writing for my self satisfaction, its time for you to join me in these adventures as you plan to start on your own.

Come, Walk with ME


Lèa Wanjaria

Don’t miss out on my posts



  1. Júlia Cunha


    Fabulous, Lea. Maybe you could make me a route around Kenya.

    Miss you

    • Lèa


      Thanks Julia. You already have been to so many nice places here but yea come visit again and will show you some new places.

  2. Blanche


    Lea I love your posts especially on Hostels…I want to travel in November can we chat?

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