10 Reasons Vietnam Should be on your Bucket-list

Think Vietnam and many still think about a war-torn country- not necessarily but that is usually the case. Vietnam is more than just its war memory; it has so many lovely things to offer. When I decided to visit Vietnam for the holiday I received all sort of remarks from “why, whats there in Vietnam?” to “isn’t it a war zone area?” and “why would you want to go there?”. Having done my research I knew what this lovely place had to offer and so I smiled and pitied the ignorance of those who had no idea of what Vietnam had to offer.

To ensure that more people know and appreciate the beauty that is Vietnam, here are 10 reasons every traveller should put Vietnam on their to do list.

10. Coffee Coffee and More Coffee

Well this ideally could vary on importance based on your level of love for coffee. Being a very sporadic coffee taker I definitely did enjoy the coffees in Vietnam. When it comes to coffee in Vietnam you will get the best and worst of it, the coffee you get on the floating market in Mekong would make you gag whereas some coffee is the numerous cafes in Hanoi would make you addicted to coffee.

Whether you love coffee whilst in Vietnam it would be great to try the Egg Coffee or Cà Phê Trứng. Raw egg and coffee may not sound appealing but trust me it is pretty much molten tiramisu in a mug,It is delicious!!! The other coffees would be coconut coffee but only if you like coconut, iced coffee, coffee cocktails, weasel chocolate flavored coffee – super duper yum  – I even brought some home with me. The weasel coffee or poop coffee may easily be the most expensive coffee in the world  – so why not enjoy it for a fraction of its normal cost.

9. Adventure

Vietnam has so many version of adventure to offer from just crossing the streets in Saigon, to riding a scooter in Hue or Kayaking in Halong Bay. Vietnam has something for everyone. For us the biggest thrill was scootering around the country. The Beaches of Phu Quoc, The Scenic mountains of Phong Nha, The temples of Hue were all explored on scooter which allowed for us to experience the villages, locals and stunning scenery’s.

8. Historical Heritage

Vietnam is one of the oldest cultures in South East Asia, dating back to 2000 BC, and it has has a complicated history starting from its native Dong Son culture and spanning thousands of years. The country has been influenced by Chinese, Khmer, and Indian cultures, as well as French colonialism.

The history is felt in the architecture of the buildings, the food  It is all so old but yet so alive.

7. Friendly Locals

South East Asia is generally know as the land of super friendly people, but for e Vietnam felt much more friendly than Thailand or even its neighboring Cambodia. The locals will engage even when their English is bare minimal, some will even pull out google translate just to strike up a conversation with you. The waiters are all excited to show case how to eat their delicacies. Those who cant speak to you will smile and give you a nod of appreciation. Its all so beautiful.

6. Breathtaking Beaches and Coastlines

While Thailand or the Philippines are popular for beach holidays, Vietnam’s tropical beaches are far less acknowledged. But once found out they will no doubt get the same levels of tourism; go before they are discovered. Vietnam offers the typical white sandy beach with crystal blue clear waters in Phu Quoc, resort city of Nha Trang, Mui Ne where you get to sand board when your too exhausted of lying on the beach in Mui Ne, or even the perfect combo of beach and dreamy romantic Hoi An Historical Town on the Da Nang Beaches.

5. Ease of travel

This could easily be a number one reason to travel to Vietnam. Firstly for those without European or American passports and normally need strenuous visa processes before travel, you should start planning your Vietnam trip since visa is applied online and a stamp given upon arrival at $25 for one entry and $ 50 for 1 month multiple entry. The ease of getting high quality accommodation with no struggle and no prior booking is also very motivating. Having only booked the 1st night upon arrival this gave us flexibility to choose how long to stay in each destination , pick a destination etc. Mode of transport across the country is extremely easy from flights, trains, tourist bus, local bus,  open tour buses, oneway motorbike rental etc. Most services do not need prior bookings making spontaneity you travel best friend.

4. Affordability

This is definitely the reason why I visit South East Asia more than any other region. Where else will you get a proper high standard hotel ( Not Hostel) for less than US$ 15 for two people including breakfast. Hostels can be found for as low as $5 for a night. Everything literally from food, drinks, hotels, tours can be as low as you can imagine. However if you feel that this low prices put you off you can go all in and splurge (there are hotels that go for US$ 400 a  night) thus everyone is covered.

Also how many people can say they’ve been millionaires. I have hahaha at every bank cash withdrawal it would be 5- 8,000,000 dong rich though this only converts to US$ 200 – US$ 350 but hey!! in my hand it was millions 🙂

3. Unique Experiences

As with all the countries everyone has that special dish of joy to foreigners. Vietnam offers so many different special experiences ranging from a stroll down dreamy heaven in Hoi An, or the extreme side of the calm and peace in the midst of floods, strolling the rice fields of Sapa with the hill tribe people, or crawling the tunnels of Củ Chi or being blown away by the majesty that is Halong Bay. Every destination we stopped we were left in awe and this awe stays with you and that is definitely a reason to start packing now.

2. Delicious Food

This by far is one important reason for travel itself,  food is divine and delicious food is God sent. Vietnamese food is so diverse so  different so yum and that as we travelled from South of Vietnam to the North so did the food change as the weather changed. Some yummy delights not to miss would include the classic Pho in Hoi An, Bahn Mi in Hanoi, Mekong tropical fruits, Street foods of Hanoi Old Town, Banh Khoai  from Hue: a crepe with a savoury filling accompanied by salad and a peanut-based sauce. So many foods to try I will need a blog post of its won just talking about Vietnamese food

1. Stunning Landscapes

The vistas, views, scenery of Vietnam are definitely top 1 reason for  anyone to visit Vietnam. From the mystic Halong Bay rock formations , to the streets of Vietnam and the mountains  and caves of Phong Nha Ke Bang , to the rice fields of Sapa, or the cystal clear water and soft sandy beaches of Bai Sao in Phu Quoc. Every where you go is a picture perfect moment and you never want to put your camera down.

This are just but a few main reason to get you thinking in the right direction. That being said , if these reasons are not enough for you to pick Vietnam for your next destination then hmm , you gotta a problem. Hahaha

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