Country Living at Kiambethu Farm

In line with the current #whyilovekenya campaign, this post covers one of my 101 reasons:Country Living. I like to pride myself as a country girl in heels. I love the country but I love my heels more 🙂 . On the weekend I revisited Kiambethu Farm and this time was keen to actually carry a camera with me. Kiambethu Farm

The Bad Place, Nile Rafting

“You’re crazy, I like it, you will have a great time” these words still ring in my ears until today. In our 60-person group, who were mostly 20-something students and backpackers from England and the United States, I was the only person who couldn’t swim but I remember clearly seeing on the website swimming and rafting experience

Samburu Redifined

Samburu holds a special place for me individually and a greater significance to my blogging. 4 years ago in June 2012, I visited Samburu and my experience there led to my need to document my travel. Up until today that was my most luxurious trip ever. Last weekend of June I ran away from the chilly rainy

Beach Essentials

Do you ever get into the situation where your beach vacation is booked and you have the dilemma of what to pack? This was me before. Looking at my closet and I want to carry half of the dresses.  We all love feeling ready for any dress code, but it’s not exactly fun lugging around an

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