10 Reasons Vietnam Should be on your Bucket-list

Think Vietnam and many still think about a war-torn country- not necessarily but that is usually the case. Vietnam is more than just its war memory; it has so many lovely things to offer. When I decided to visit Vietnam for the holiday I received all sort of remarks from “why, whats there in Vietnam?”

Country Living at Kiambethu Farm

In line with the current #whyilovekenya campaign, this post covers one of my 101 reasons:Country Living. I like to pride myself as a country girl in heels. I love the country but I love my heels more 🙂 . On the weekend I revisited Kiambethu Farm and this time was keen to actually carry a camera with me. Kiambethu Farm

The Bad Place, Nile Rafting

“You’re crazy, I like it, you will have a great time” these words still ring in my ears until today. In our 60-person group, who were mostly 20-something students and backpackers from England and the United States, I was the only person who couldn’t swim but I remember clearly seeing on the website swimming and rafting experience

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